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January 2, 2013
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“Hey ______”, spoke a calm and deep voice. You looked up from the book you were reading to the face speaking to you.

“Oh hey Soul. What’s up?” You smiled and turned your face down towards your book again. Soul gave a smug grin exposing all his sharp teeth. He kind of reminded you of a shark. “Being cool”, he replied before frowning at the item you were focused on. “And I see you’re reading a book as usual…”

“Well unlike you, I’m studying for the next test. I know Maka will be fine, but are you prepared?”

Oh how he hated school. It was so not a cool subject for him. “I’m too cool to study”, he smirked. You however, ignored him and started to mumble the words of the textbook you had. Beside you, Liz stopped paying attention to her nails and focused on you. You were so similar to Maka it was almost like you were twins. Except, you were a tad bit more laid back. “You know ______, if you over study, you’re gonna forget everything and fail.”
“I know”, you sighed. “Which is why I want to get this last thing and get this over with.”

“Just like Maka”, Liz and Soul groaned…

You continued to repeat the words in your text book. You had been in the DWMA just a year less than Soul and Maka. You made friends with them and the rest of the gang quickly and often needed help with your battle strategies. They were happy to help; especially Tsubaki and Maka.

“You’re never gonna be cool if you keep being smart, ya know.”

“Well now I see why you’re so cool, Soul. If you really were cool, you would get higher than an 80 on your tests. I mean, with you being so cool and all, that should be no prob, right Mr.I’m-too-cool”, you playfully glared rolling your eyes.

“I bet I can get a higher grade on that test than you”, Soul bragged with an obnoxious laugh.

“Try me! If it wasn’t for Maka, then you wouldn’t be a death scythe! Here let me help you get started”, you smirked evilly as you tossed him your text book. Death the Kid walked into the conversation wondering what was going on as his golden eyes flashed with disapproval. You had always admired him and his flawless fighting skills. He looked to the Thompson sisters for an answer to the madness between you and Soul. However, Patty seemed to be in her own little world again so he went to Liz instead.

“What are they fighting about this time”, he asked rolling his eyes.
“Oh they’re having a bet”, Liz spoke without any actual interest.

“What kind of bet is this exactly?”

“Who will score higher on the next quiz.”

“______ will win”, Kid sighed as he leisurely made his way to the bickering partners.
“Kid I’ll rearrange your room as asymmetrical as your face”, Soul glared for taking your side.

Kid glared back at him for even saying out loud his own fears. He remembered the three horizontal lines on his face and died a bit inside. Quickly he tried to restrain himself from breaking into tears. He gave Soul what seemed to be a friendly pat on the back… except for the fact it looked more like a slap on the back. “We’re only speaking the truth”, he smiled like a spoiled rich kid.

“Urgh, just shut up and have some faith will ya?!”

In Soul’s temper, he took the text book and threw it out the twelve story DWMA building. Did he not know you had to pay for books in this school?!”M-My book”, you dreadfully gasped. As your mind processed the events that just happened, your face grew terribly red.

“Now look what you did Soul! How am I supposed to have faith!? You just threw faith out the window!!”

“Well maybe if you didn’t act like Maka all the time and stop studying like a nerd, I wouldn’t have had to! Miss I’m-smarter-than-everyone-else!”

“I don’t act like that!”

“Do too!”

“Ugh! I had enough of you”, you yelled back as you left the room and went to your dorm. Soul plopped on the couch next to Liz in a fuss grabbing a pillow and beating it up to let off steam. Stupid Soul you thought in your head as you slammed your bedroom door. Stupid ______ Soul mentally thought back.

Just then, Black*Star came bursting in with one of his signature and obnoxious laughs. “HA-HA-HA! BEHOLD THE AWESOME BLACK STAR!”

The room went silent with not even a single look back at him and Tsubaki. It was easy to tell that Black*Star was annoyed. “What the hell?! I did all that work and no applause, or even a look of surprise?!.....NOTHING?!”

“Heh heh… maybe they saw it coming”, Tsubaki spoke softly to calm down his ego.
He looked over at Soul who had his face in a pillow, still secretly trying to rip the fabric apart. Wondering what was wrong, he walked over to his best pal and tapped his shoulder.

“What the hell do you want Black*Star? Go away. This is so uncool…”

Black*Star jumped a bit at his reaction. Okay something was definitely
wrong. “Dude, Soul what’s gotten into you…?”

“Him and ______ got into another argument”, Patty laughed like a toddler as she looked around the room for something to entertain herself.

“Heh, Soul not even Maka puts you through this much”, the pointy blue haired lad laughed.
“That’s just their relationship”, Liz sighed. “I’m sure later on they’ll be buds again…”

“Yeah like hell I’m gonna be friends with that future kishin”, Soul yelled from under the pillow.

“Suuuuure you’re not, Soul….”Kid sighed.

“You say that all the time… And yet, here you are like a man who’s just got dumped by his girlfriend. How lame”, Black*Star laughed once again. Soul quickly made sure that pillow split across his face.



To be continued Maybe
YAY~! My first Soul Eater Story~! WOOT WOOT~! >///W///< So happy for this!

Oh yeah so I hope you like this as much as I did~ Ta ta ^^

I know you guys have been dying for a part 2 as well XD

Part Two: [link]
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