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January 5, 2013
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Soul Eater Evans X Reader: Soul Complications (2)

You traveled to your dorm and slammed the door in frustration. Usually you wouldn’t have done something like that. You used to be more collected but around soul you were a completely different person. “I don’t know how Maka handles that guy”, you frowned. You turned on one of the dim lamps in your room and tried to calm down. That test was tomorrow and without the textbook, how were you going to study?!

You pretty much knew everything but were afraid of forgetting one detail. “C’mon, a sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body of course…” You’ve seen people fail this question so many times and didn’t want to be one of those people. You repeated the phrase a few times before your foreboding thoughts of the test results filled you up. Taking a seat on your twin sized bed; you took a deep breath before your phone had gone off.

You looked at the caller ID to find out it was your DWMA partner. His name was Clyde Fallion; your weapon. He was taller than you by a few inches with tannish skin along with dark chestnut colored hair. His almond shaped eyes sparked a light blue behind his rectangle glasses. He was usually peaceful with a mix of seriousness and creativity. In fact, you’ve never met a guy quite like him. You were a Demon Knife Meister with your partner being a Long Knife weapon. This particular weapon was used in the Medieval times in Germany were Clyde is from. He was a long curved knife with a leather handle to and slips to secure the wielders’ hands. He was more than 2 feet long which made him look like a small sword.

You picked up your phone and answered. “Hello?”

“Hey ______. Did you finish studying for that test yet?”

“Well…” You thought about what Soul did and contemplated whether
to complain to Clyde or not.


“Yes I did. I finished just now”, you spoke confidently so that
it didn’t sound as though you were wavering.

“I see. Well I have no plans latter. I was inviting a few people over to my apartment. Did you want to come?” Students at the DWMA could choose whether they wanted to live in the dorms or not. Clyde already had his own space.

“Um, for how long? I don’t want to stay over too late.”

“You can leave whenever you’re ready. The curfew is 7 o clock though. “

You looked at the time right now. It was almost four p.m. If you went, perhaps all your anger at Soul would just melt away. “Okay sure I’ll be over in about an hour. Is that okay?”


“Okay, see you later.”

You ended your call with Clyde and quickly went to your dresser. You needed to get out of these school clothes and into something more relaxed. The weather in Nevada where the DWMA was located was pretty warm. Death City was pretty much sunny all year round. It was located right next to a desert after all. You changed into some jeans, nice sneakers, and a nice t-shirt along with a few accessories. You applied some light make-up and left the house in a total of 20 minutes time.

You rang the bell to Clyde’s apartment building and soon you were in. The door opened for you to see Maka, Patty, Liz, Death the Kid, and Soul along with a few other people from school.

Wait…. Soul was here?

Clyde greeted you at the door. “Hey ______. You made it.”

“Yeah. May I come in?”

“Oh yeah. Sorry”, he apologized as he opened the door for you. Everyone who saw you enter greeted you and exclaimed “______ is here!” Honestly you wished that hadn’t happened. You didn’t want Soul to know you were here after all the trouble he caused you.

“Hey everyone”, you said little softer than usual.

You glanced over at Soul who was in the kitchen with one of the girls from school. His crimson eyes looked into yours with annoyance. It was obvious he wished you weren’t here… or at least not happy to see you.  To take away some of the guilt building inside of you, you sat on the couch next to Maka. “So what’s going on”, you asked trying to start a conversation.

“Nothing much. Just watching tv and talking. What about you”, she asked sweetly as usual.

“Studying for that test. Did you do that too?”

“Yup. I’m all done with that. I’m ready for it! I’m gonna ace that thing like my life depends on it.”

“I hope so.”

A tap to your shoulder came to surprise. You turned around to see Death the Kid right in front of you, causing just a slight blush at your cheeks. “I think this belongs to you”, he said with a smirk as he handed you your textbook.

“Oh thank you, Kid”, you happily thanked him as your gave him a
hug. “Really Kid, thank you.”

“You lost your book”, Maka asked.

“Sort of. A lot of things happened”, you laughed.

Kid gave a small chuckle before leaving. “I’m going to go
check on Patty. Who knows what she’s doing now…”

After Kid excused himself you looked over at Soul again. He was eating what looked like pizza while chatting up one of the girls. Those girls who he barely even knew seemed to be causing him more excitement than you were. You gave a grunt and looked away quickly. Maka wondered what has gotten into you lately.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine”, you groaned.

“No you’re not. Tell me what’s wrong _____.”

“Does Soul usually like to flirt like that…?”

Maka lifted an eyebrow before answering. “I wouldn’t really
call it flirting. Why do you care?”

“I just thought he looked stupid. I was just curious…”

“__________. Could it be that you like Soul?”

You starred at her right in the face and said promptly
“Not at all. How do you handle him anyways?”

Maka sighed. “Practice… lots and lots of practice…”

“Good luck to you then”, you laughed sympathetically as you
stood up from your seat. “I’m going to go get some food.”

“Okay. I’ll be here”, she smiled.

It took you awhile to get your emotions under control. You walked over to the kitchen to see that Soul was still there chatting up another girl. Taking a look inside, the chic looked really pretty and confident. You supposed he liked those kinds of girls. Taking a deep breath you decided to take a step inside and not worry about a thing.
“This pizza is really good. Can you pass me another”, Soul asked the girl.

“Yeah sure”, sure happily replied as she handed him another
slice. “Eat with your mouth closed though.”

“What, I can’t hear you”, he smirked back at her.

“I said, eat with your mouth CLOSED”, she laughed as her hands closed his jaw.

“So gross…. “, you thought to yourself.

As you made your way to the drinks you made several attempts to look at Soul. He never did look back at you or even look as though he knew you. The random girl invited left to talk to someone leaving you and Soul together…. alone.

"Hey Soul...."

"Hey ______...."

To be continued Maybe
Finally Done~!! I know you guys have been waiting for a Part 2~!
This is my first Soul Eater Fan-fic.... wow I think I might make more
of these! HA HA~!! Okay well this is it~ Hope you guys like it!

Part 3: [link]
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music-art-are-me Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
you seriously bring the suspense and I know it's nerdy but I love the fact that you have almost perfect spelling and punctuation. I m so lame but I love anime and soul eater(especially soul) and you cause you're awesome
KidLizPerfection Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
So excited what NEXT!
OneTrueKismet Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
awww soul don't be mad... I love you haha
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i would totally ignore them talkng and just grab a drnk or just grab the pizza outta of his hand or just shove the pizza in hs mouth and say eat the pizza already damn it! your really annoying! lol
PersonOfTheShadows Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This its just as random comment, but my brother reminds me a lot of Death the Kid. Symetry is all he talks about.
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