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September 8, 2012
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It was Thursday night and you were anxious, nervous, and worried.
Why? Oh well because you have a major test tomorrow…. And in your
least favorite subject as well…. Usually you were able to go to sleep
within an hour or so but today was different. It was already 10
o'clock and your body was already giving in the negative vibes of
test taking.  You would never be able to sleep in these conditions!
You sighed, wondering what to do.

You tried drinking warm milk, eating a good meal, a nice warm bath,
and even listening to those hypnotist programs but nothing worked.
You groaned and thought… Maybe someone could help you…

You would never call England at this time. He'd probably yell at you.
America might make things worse, Russia was even scarier at this time,
Japan would probably say 'We'll see' and then just not come at all,
and who knows about the rest… That's when you thought of one person….


You called the Italian with lots of energy. You weren't tired at
all for sure. You knew that even at this hour, he'd listen to you
and talk. The only question is if he'd actually wake up.

You held the phone close to your ear…. Riiiiing…..Riiiing…..Riiii- "Ciao?"

"I-Italy? Hello? It's _________."

"Oh~! __________! Good evening!"

"Hey Italy~" You loved his childlike personality and from the sound
of things, he was delighted to talk to you.

"I have a problem… …" you continued.

"A problem? What's wrong __________?"

"I can't sleep…"

There was a short pause. You thought he might've
hanged up the phone or something.

"Is that so? Well don't worry~! I know just the person to help you!
My big brother Romano will be right over to help, Si?"

"Wait Ita-"

"Bye Bye~!"

And with that he hung up… Oh great…. Romano was coming over.
Maybe the worst person you would like to see right now. I hoped that
he had a good way of calming your nerves at least. Romano was never
good at that when it came to people. Instead, he just got people annoyed.
His temper really is a problem.

The time was eleven and you were still up. If you didn't get to sleep
soon, you would fail that test for sure! You sat on your couch and
watched television, waiting for Romano to arrive… Was he even coming?

In just a few minutes later, you heard a loud knock on the door.
"Open the door ragazza! I mean it!"

Did he know that the rest of the neighbors were ASLEEP!?

You walked over to the door quickly to cease the loud banging. As you
opened it you saw Romano in black pajama shorts and a blue tank top… his
small yet firm body was visible even through the dark. You gave a
slight blush at the sight of him.

"Hi Romano. Come in", you said opening the door, a little
unhappy with the yelling and such.

You were in your ( favorite color ) night gown and your skin smelled
like (sweet scent) due to the bath you had before. As Romano walked
in he caught a glimpse of you and blushed just a bit as well. You closed
the door and locked it, then met straight with Romano…

He looked at your home, trying to realize the situation.  
"What the hell! Why am I even here…" he groaned.

You looked at him puzzled. "Verneziano didn't tell you?" you asked.
"Well I can't sleep", you sighed sadly.

He looked over to you a bit annoyed. "Huh? You can't sleep? Like I care!
What the hell do you want me to do?"

You knew this wasn't working… Then again, he DID come all the
way here to see what was wrong with you… So you looked at him a
bit nervously, forcing a smile…

"Um… " You remembered something people always
said to do when they couldn't sleep….
"Do you think you… count sheep…for me….please?" you asked timidly.

"No… But why do I have to count sheep for you anyways?"
he said with a complaining tone, facing away from you with his back turned.

You gave him a dirty glare and crossed your arms over your chest.
He looked at your silence and asked almost concerned… "What?"

"You're being really stubborn. I didn't ask for you to be here…"

"Hey…! " He replied a bit surprised and disappointed at the fact you
didn't want him here in the first place.

"Hey! It's the least you can do for me! We're friends, aren't we",
you snapped, raising your voice at the Italian. At least you thought
you two were decent friends.

He gave a short sigh and turned to you completely.

"Fine I got you. You're not Veneziano so quit the
loud screaming now! I'm ending this ASAP and going home.
Now go and lie down somewhere, you bastard…"

You wanted to strangle him so bad… But you were happy he
decided to help. He wasn't furious as always, just a bit annoyed.
You showed him your room and you crawled into your bed. Romano sat on
the ground and looked at you, legs crossed.

"Why're you down there", you asked with a confused look.

"Cause I'm not laying up there with you!"

"Fine. Be like that." You rested yourself on your bed and
closed your eyes, sighing…
In an almost annoyed and bored tone he started counting….
"One sheep…Two sheep…Three sheep…Four sheep…Five sheep…Six sheep…
Seven sheep…Eight sheep… Nine sheep…Ten sheep…."

You sat up and looked at him from your bed top. You had a
very disappointed look in your eyes. He could at least put effort
into it. Be calm and gentle is what he should've been.
Romano looked up to you with a surprised look.

"Huh? What are you looking at? If you really wanna fall asleep
that bad, then put your back into it! I'm counting for you because
you said you couldn't sleep! You know that, right?" he asked concerned.

You looked at him with a happy smile. You were surprised he had said
such a nice thing to you. That made you happy. "Yes I know. Thank you",
you said apologetically.

"Now hurry up and close your eyes" he said rushing you into bed.

You closed your eyes and snuggled beneath the covers. Romano got up
and sat on your bedside now. You didn't dare question why for you may
just stop this suddenly nice air he was giving.

He looked at you with an approved face.
"Good. Nice and tight. I'm counting damn it…"

As he counted from Eleven, the tone of his voice got softer but he still
sounded as if this was a chore… It annoyed you at his lack of skills.
You sighed and sat up after he reached Twenty sheep.

"GO TO SLEEP, YOU BASTARD!" he said annoyed. "I'm even counting sheep to
you right now! Speaking of, everyone keeps saying to count sheep but why
does it have to be sheep!? What's wrong with counting pizza or tomatoes
instead!?" He exaggerated almost every word. He sounded frustrated and
disappointed all at the same time.

This annoyed you… but it was kind of amusing how he over reacted.

"Well if you want-"

"That's right. It's not like I have to count sheep. Counting sheep
does not match me at all. I've decided. I'm going to count tomatoes instead."
Romano said in approval to his own idea.

You however didn't agree. Counting tomatoes would
just make you hungry, not sleepy! Counting food instead of
animals was completely ridiculous!

"Just count my damn sheep, you stubborn bassy!"

"You shut up! I'll count whatever the hell I want!"

"You're so mean, Romano! Just count my sheep! Please…"
you said nicer this time.

"What's with you? If you got a problem, I'm not counting jack!
Just be quiet and listen, you moron."

You gave in and rubbed your eyes. "Alright…"

You crawled back into bed and closed your eyes.
This was going to be a looooong night…..

"Twenty one tomatoes …. …. …. Twenty three tomatoes … …. …
Twenty five tomatoes … … … Twenty seven tomatoes."

His voice was calmer and more delightful now… it was better and you
could feel yourself become more tired with each count. Maybe you were
so focused on Romano that you forgot all your worries about that test

"Twenty nine tomatoes… …. … Thirty tomatoes…."

You gave a yawn and snuggled deeper into your bed.
Giving a smug grin, Romano looked at you.

"Now you're finally getting sleepy, huh, ragazza! This is embarrassing
so hurry up and fall asleep, and forget this ever happened you moron!"

"Tomatoes seem to be doing the trick", you said with a smile.

"Well it seems to be more effective than sheep counting. Figures an idea
I came up with would work. Anything I think up is gold compared to what
others think, ya jerk!"

"Tomatoes are your favorite fruit, right", you asked knowing the
answer already but you thought it would make good conversation.

"Tomatoes really are great. Ahh, now I feel like eating a pizza…"

"Maybe I can have some too", you asked.
The tomato and pizza talk was getting you hungry…

"Huh? We can't eat one now! I have to put you to bed first.
Now stop the talking and go to sleep!"

He continued from thirty tomatoes in a nice and steady voice… He seemed
to be relaxed by the sound of his own voice himself. He laid on the
edge of the bed, counting nicely and sweetly. It was like this
Romano was different. He was… … blissful. This time he passed forty
tomatoes and with every soft murmur of Tomato, you fell deeper into sleep.
It was nice. You focused on nothing but the sound of his voice. You
could even picture the number of tomatoes he was counting. With a final
yawn you sunk to your limit. Your body seemed heavy, your eyes grew lazy, and
your breathing became long and even.

"Forty six tomatoes… … …Forty seven tomatoes… … …
Forty eight tomatoes… … Forty nine tomatoes…"

Then you were asleep with this simple magic…

"Fifty Tomatoes…"

Romano looked at your calm sleeping face. He gave a smile and sat upright.

"Hmph, sound asleep! Damn ____________, you were a handful to deal with.
Well that was embarrassing. This has to be the uh… let's see…"

He thought for a bit and continued...

"…about the 200th time I've dealt with something embarrassing since
I was born. There was that one time I wet the bed, that time I got
blasted off, and how was I supposed to know
France would be there stalking me!?"

He gave a happy sigh though and got off your bed.
He gazed upon you with pride.

"You worked me hard today, ya jerk.
I'll go drink some wine and go to sleep then…"

Romano walked over to you, the total Italian he was and yawned.
He stretched his arms and gave you a kiss on the forehead
as formal Italian goodbye.

"Buona Notte!"
Così romantico~! What a nice way to fall asleep... Now what are you going to do with 50 delicious dream tomatoes...?
Well that's for you to decide, huh?

*Disclaimer: This is based off of the Hetalia CD Drama: Sleepy Time with Hetalia. Also I DO NOT Own Hetalia*


Well I hope you enjoyed! Tell me who you would like to see me do next!


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This was a work of art.A masterpiece.I liked how you added in Romano's anger but gave it off so the readers can see it was out of affection and love.I also liked how Romano got aggravated at the idea of sheep insted of tomatoes.That was very original.I also liked how you captured the lovable rudeness of his persnality when he said''Anything I think up is gold.It made me fangirl girl so hard I screamed when he kissed me goodnight.That was a sweet touch to the ending.I also like other works with the same plot ike when you also wrote one with Prussia and America,etc.etc.
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
34 out of 37 deviants thought this was fair.

I love how you made the DVD Special into a story, and added some background to it (though, it lacked details and was mainly just the text). I loved it for that hint of originality. However, looking in the comments and the description of your story, you never credited Himaruya, and never mentioned the DVD. Basically, you're claiming it as your own.

I suggest that you credit the DVD, and add a few more details. For example, what did the room look like? You don't have to do this, it's just a suggestion. Overall, I still like the story format.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
18 out of 30 deviants thought this was fair.

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Hinata-Wolf77 Mar 13, 2014   General Artist
So cute!
KittyKirkland Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Romano?? Why you steal Jeff line????? XD
Bethanythelion Jan 4, 2014  Student General Artist
just shut up and count my damn sheep wait no count my damn cats


What the fuck are you doing HERE?!
Oh no Romano, you need to get yer butt back here and sleep with me.
France you stalker!! XD
I could see Roma-chan doing this.
I actually love tomatoes! XD
Elisavetaawesome12 Sep 12, 2013  Student General Artist
"Speaking of, everyone keeps saying to count sheep but why
does it have to be sheep!? What's wrong with counting pizza or tomatoes
I feel the same way!!
That is why I count tomatoes instead!! ♪♥
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