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The time was ten o'clock and you for one were NOT sleepy at all.
You were never a good sleeper. You just couldn't. It took you
hours to get to sleep lately. You didn't want to take medication
or sleeping pills either. That all seemed too much. This night owl
habit of yours has been going on for some time. At (work/school),
you dazed off and often slept through assignments given. If you
didn't get help soon, then your life could be affected! That's when
you decided to tell someone about it. You asked your friend Matthew.
To be honest, he wasn't very shy. The problem he had however was
that his voice was too soft and no one could hear him… or even
realize he's there for some reason.

You told him that they were only teasing.

Anyways, when you told Matthew about it, he suggested something
you would never had thought of…

"Prussia always gets a good night sleep. Maybe he can help you…"

You're eyes widened and your smile dropped. Prussia was
an "acquaintance". You never really hung out with him due
to his reckless behavior and his constant spats with Hungary and
Austria. He was arrogant and too much of a boast. But he did have
to get his energy somehow… So maybe Matthew was right. And Prussia
right now was your only hope of a good night's rest.

"But It's not like I can go right up to him and ask
'Hey how do you sleep so good?' That will make me sound
like a creeper", you told Matthew.

"Then I'll talk to him for you. Does that make it better?"

"I guess… I'm nervous though…" A light blush grew across your face.
Gilbert WAS handsome and just the thought of HIM talking to YOU
made you happy. Even if he was a selfish guy, you admired his drive
and strength. Maybe…. Just maybe, you wanted to
be friends with the Prussian.

Canada grazed your cheek with his fingers.
"It's okay ________. Leave it to me! Actually,
me and Prussia are good friends."

You laughed a bit and Matthew looked at you weirdly.
"YOU are friends with HIM? ZE awesome Prussia", you laughed.
It was just too hard to believe.

"D-Don't laugh! Yeah… Me and Prussia cook together. Sometimes he
comes by my house for breakfast. He's quite fond of my pancakes
and maple syrup thank you very much", Canada sighed.

You did remember Prussia yelling at lunch how he had some awesome
pancakes at least once a week…

"Alright! Thank you Matty~! I owe you one", you said giving him a hug.

"You're welcome. Take care", he said with a smile…

Two weeks later, you got a note on your
desk saying something very VERY strange…

"Kesesese~ Can't wait to see you tonight! I bet you already know who…"

Oh goodness…

You returned home, and locked all your doors. Now this was where we
started off. Like I said before, it was ten o'clock and you weren't tired
at all. Actually, right now you wanted some sweets but you knew that
those things would interfere with your sleep. You groaned till
you heard a loud, annoying voice…

"Just how awesome, oh awesome, I am?
I am as awesome as awesome me can be~!"

Before you could even look out your window to see who it was, the door
swung open! There was Prussia with all his glory. That nice glossy
white hair… those crimson red eyes…. That door that was probably
now broken… … …


You looked at Gilbert, dumbfounded…. Didn't you lock those doors… …?

Gilbert looked at you and blinked a few times. He could tell
you didn't look tired at all and gave a smug grin. He invited
himself in with large bag and plopped on your couch.

"Oh _________! You must be the poor soul who said you couldn't sleep!
You certainly are a smart cookie to ask me to count sheep for you!
After all, I am the BEST SHEEP COUNTER in the WORLD! Kesesesesese~! "

You didn't know what bothered you more… The fact that your door was
broken or how much of an idiot this guy was.

"What's in the bag", you asked curiously, forgetting
welcomes since he pretty much invited himself in.

"A change of clothes!"

"Um… Why?"

"Because ze awesome me is staying over!!", he laughed in a boastful way.

"What?! If that's so, the only place
you're sleeping is where you're sitting right now…"

Gilbert looked at the couch and groaned. It was pretty comfortable
though but that was beside the point.  He smiled again though,
ignoring your surprise and distaste.

"Now your ears shall listen to counting as cool as a baby chick!
You're definitely going to fall into that category! The category
of sleeping after I count 10, no wait, 5 sheep!"

"Really? Well-"

"Well just leave everything to me! I plan to follow through with
what I just said! I'll make sure you fall asleep, no matter what it takes!"

As Gilbert got up and pushed you closer to your bedroom,
you couldn't help but laugh. This guy might not be so bad…
But that door… was bugging you still…

"You should change first", you spoke.
"The bathroom is to your right hand side".

"Right!" Prussia grabbed his bag and walked into the bathroom,
changing his clothes. You waited for him for about a minute when
he came out with black pajama shorts, and a white baggy button
up shirt. He looked… pretty good. You were already in your
(favorite color) night gown and looked at the Prussian with a
smile and a light blush.

"Now then, are you ready to sleep", he asked happily.

You shook your head no. "Not yet… I'm not tired…"

"Oh not yet? I see. That's fine. Mosey on into bed, now!"

You were surprised by his sudden seriousness… With that you
walked straight into your room, him following behind you.
You slid into your bed and as you turned around to look at him,
you found he had crawled in right beside you!

"Hey now! Cover yourself with the blanket properly!"

"I-It's okay Prussia", you sighed. "I'll be fine."

He didn't seem to buy it though.

"It's not okay! What are you gonna do if you caught a cold!
Listen up! If you give a cold an inch, it'll take a mile!
When you don't get enough sleep, your body uh, your body's uh,
what was it… uh- your body's thingamabob gets weak and
it'll be easier to catch a cold!"

"Thingamabob?" You laughed, pulling the blankets closer to you.

"The point is, we can't have your body temperature going down too!
In Japan they say that, uhh, uh, In Japan the cold is the source
of the whatchamacallit…. … …"

You laughed again, your face brimming with humor.  
"Yeah the whatchamacallit", you repeated mockingly.

"Oh yeah, now I remember! The cold is the source of all diseases…
or something like that. I got that one from my little brother some
time ago. Well, I am just trying to remember this second-hand…
but you should listen to this advice! All right?"

Those last words sounded so tender and caring… "All right?" … … …
You had never heard him say that so sweetly before. He drew the
blankets over you till you were wrapped up and comfortable in them.
You had to admit, he being there with you though was
just making you more excited.

"Good, you're as snug as a bug! I'm counting now!"

As Gilbert started counting, his voice was calm and tender.
Caring and sweet. It was like he wasn't even Prussia anymore.
You closed your eyes to the sound of his voice.
"One sheep…. Two sheep…Three sheep…"

The sound of his voice made you want to lay your head down and
sleep forever… you just wanted to stay just like this… Soon
seven sheep and eight sheep went by… … … He kept a simple and
steady pace. It was bliss… until the tenth sheep came…

"Ten sheep… … …. … How was that? Perfect wasn't it? Oh, I understand
just how you feel! You're trying your hardest to stay awake just to
hear my awesome counting! You've certainly done an excellent job
to not sleep at five sheep!"

You mentally face-palmed yourself in your head… … …
Just when you were going to actually fall asleep…

"However", he continued, "you should stop doing that for today
and get some sleep! I'm going to count again!"

He counted from eleven sheep now… His voice as blissful as ever…
Oh how you wished this moment could last forever…
"Fifteen sheep… … … … Seventeen sheep… … … … Nineteen sheep…. … … …"

The finally "Twenty sheep… …"

You were silent, eyes closed for a while after that,
hoping that he could continue.

"All right, mission complete now then… … "

You opened your eyes a little, twitching to Gilbert's sudden
movement in the bed… Was he… leaving?!

"I shall make my awesomely quite ex-" Prussia looked back at you,
seeing your eyes were still open.

"Wait, how can you still be awake even after hearing my perfect counting?"

He crawled right back into your bed and sat upright,
with you doing the same. You rubbed your eyes and looked at him.

"I can't sleep, Prussia. That's my problem", you sighed.

"You can't sleep? Did you take too much naps or something?"

You shook your head. "If I did, at least I'd be
getting some sleep", you laughed.

"Then what is it", he asked with concern and frustration.

"Even if I'm tired I can't go to sleep. Gosh I hate it",
you said fixing your night gown,
trying not to make eye contact with him.

"I see. I guess you can be so tired, that you end up wide awake."
He sighed and continued. "Everyone never seems to listen when someone
says not to overwork. You should take things in moderation too.
I will make you fall asleep! Come on, close those eyes… I'm going on."

You snuggled right back into bed to where you once were and closed
your tired eyes… They were actually tired now… The sound of Gil's
voice resounded in your head. It was heaven. For the first time,
you felt as if you could die in peace right there.

"Twenty one sheep…. …. ….. … Twenty three sheep… …. …. …
Twenty five sheep... ... … … "

His voice was so unique and different. It was low but also medium range…
His whispers sent peaceful thinking to your mind. With each whisper of
sheep… the deeper you fell under the sleeping spell.

He looked at you and stopped at thirty. He sighed once again in his
frustration. Even the mighty Prussia was growing tired. You tried to
pretend you were sleeping so maybe he could go home and rest or
something or even stay the night on the couch if he wanted to.
You pretended to be asleep but Gilbert wasn't buying it.

"Still not feeling tired, huh?... … … Hurry up and fall asleep.
Sleep fast, wake fast, and eat a big, hearty breakfast in the morning!
That's standard you know!" His voice sounded concerned.

"Oh hey, do you know about maple syrup? It's a miracle syrup
that will guarantee happiness and blessings when you eat it! I
received some of Canada's maple syrup and it's frekin' AWESOME! If
you pour some on a stack of pancakes, it's like pure heavenly
happiness on a breakfast plate!"

Wow so Canada was right… … …

"Seriously, this is something I give my full, awesome approval.
I've happily obliged myself to keep spreading the word of maple syrup!
You need to hurry and fall asleep so you can eat a big,
tasty breakfast. Okay?"

You nodded your head and laughed a bit. "Okay. I'll try…"

You closed your eyes again and he continued counting.
"Good…I'll give it one more count…"

He counted and didn't stop this time… It felt like it could go on
forever. He passed forty sheep and kept going forward… … no end…
it was heaven… but because he continued, you wanted to stay up to
know he would be there to continue counting. Deeper and deeper
you fell under his sleeping spell… Your breathing got steadier
and heavier. A sure sign that you were at your limit. Your body
felt heavier as well. Your bed was extremely comfortable right now.  
And soon, Gilbert stopped at fifty sheep….

"Speaking of breakfast, the pancakes that I put the maple syrup on
were made by my little brother. The pancakes he makes are awes-"

He rolled into your bed, closer to you than before…
He looked down at you and smiled. You were asleep.

"Oh. Already in Dreamland. I wonder if the breakfast talk actually
worked… Man, talk about simple. Still, no one could stay awake after
hearing my awesome sheep counting! Now then, I guess I'll hit the road…"
He rolled out of your bed and stroked your (h/c) hair…
He smiled tenderly and calmly.

"Heh… Sleep tight. Gute Nacht."
I will be writing more sleepy time with hetalia stories like this... I got this new APP on my IPod that does something like this... heh heh heh *grins*... .... ... Well I hope you enjoyed! Tell me who you would like to see me do next!

*Note: I do not own ze picture or any relations to zhis particular sheep counting (the Hetalia Counting Sheep CD Drama)*



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•>cont. From the story.: as he tried to get off the bed he felt like something was pulling on the hem of his shirt and when he looked back, he noticed you holding on it smiling softly as you slept calmly.

" I don't have another chance eh?" he said as he crawled back in the bed hugging you close to him "Gute Nacht ____"

•>another con. From the story.: as he tried to get off the bed he felt like something was pulling on the hem of his shirt and when he looked back, he noticed you holding on it smiling softly as you slept calmly.

" I don't have another chance eh?" he said as he swiftly took off his shirt and wore his other one that was in the bag and went back through the broken door. Which you will have him get it fixed tomorrow.
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English: Good Night

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(guess I've been hanging around Lovi too much, nah, if that's even possible~ another night flew by while reading reader inserts xD... yeah, don't mind thou, could use the counting sheep track of my beloved Gil now... well... if it wasn't already like 9 am :D)

Love this ^^
But I want pancakes now ._. Luddy, I'm living in your freaking country, come over and make me some! Oh and bring Gil and Mattie with youuu~
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