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My Drunk Boyfriend (Denmark X Reader Lemon)

So far it’s been a good darn three years dating childhood friend and best
buddy— Mathias Køhler. You’ve always liked his go getter nature and care-free
personality. With him, you always had fun but at the same, he could be a bit
irresponsible… no… A LOT irresponsible. When he got drunk, you had to take care
of him and make sure he didn’t destroy the house on top of which. Then he would
always talk about his true feelings about how he thought you were terrible in
the morning and how you were too up-tight…. And let’s not forget the—

“__________! I WANT YOU…. BED…. NOW!”

“The F*#$ is wrong with you…. Idiot…”

You stared at your drunken boyfriend who looked at you with drunk and lazy
eyes. He was rocking back in forth in plain sight as if he was on a ship,
smiling a goofy smile with bags under his eyes. You’ve never did THAT with
him before… and really didn’t care right now if you did or didn’t. But every
night he said something about wanting to rip those clothes off of you. Maybe
it was a desire of his… did he really want to do that?

It didn’t matter. You rather him say that when he’s sober.




“SHUT THE HELL UP”, you yelled as you threw a pillow at his face and sighed.

As drunk as he was, he fell over onto the bed you both shared. Honestly you
hated when he was like this. You could never sleep without him trying to sneak
into your pants. Because of with, you left your room and closed the door,
deciding to sleep of the couch. Before which, you decided to listen to your
regular dose of Danish music. Ah~ How you loved it…

Soon you became fast asleep…

“__________.....___________..... ….. Fandens (Damn it)…. I really screwed up….”

You woke up in a haze, seeing something in front of you illuminate
with the light of the moon. It was Mathias once again… Was he still drunk?

“Do you know what time it is Denny?... I’m not going to talk to you unless
I know you’re sober….”, you groaned as you clutched your pillow and sat
up straight in resent.

“I assure you, I’m not”, he spoke almost apologetically. How strange.

“Then why are you here…?”

“Two reasons….”

“And they are?” You raised an eyebrow as you turned on the table lamp beside you.

“I miss you in my bed, __________.”

Your face grew tinted in a pink pastel as he spoke those words so sincerely.

“O-Oh really? That’s new”, you grinned with a slight smile as you wiped your eyes.

“Also… I wanted to say I’m sorry… I haven’t really been honest…”

“Oh you don’t say”, you sighed.

You both stared into each other’s eyes with a smile in your face. “I…. Well….”

“What is it Mathias? I’ll listen… I always had.”

He kissed your forehead safely and smiled sweetly and warmly.
“I know…. But there’s something I haven’t had the courage to do…
So I hope that tonight you can forgive me and…”

He pressed his lips against yours passionately again and again without any
end. You didn’t struggle though as he pushed you horizontal on the couch, hovering
over you as he placed endless kisses over your body. Your eyes, your cheek, your
neck, your eyes, and nose were full of his sweet and gentle kisses. The Danish
former Viking made his way down your neck with the hot presses of warmth as
your face furiously blushed. You could feel your breathing pick up and you
watched the Dane touch your uncovered, visible skin.

“Mngh”, you slightly groaned in pleasure. This sent chills to
your boyfriend who only dreamed of for you to moan to his embrace.

“Tell me why you’re so cute…”

“Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, you said slightly with a chuckle.

“That’s why you’re all mine. All of this is mine”,
he teased as he lifted your shirt to reveal your tummy.

He kissed all over your tummy all the way up to just a bit below your chest.
You were in PJ’s and therefore weren’t exactly wearing a bra. You gasped a
bit as he went higher and higher but no matter what you anticipated; he never
touched your chest.

“Mathias… You can do better”, you teased with a lustful gaze.

He chuckled. “I was going easy on you so I wouldn’t risk getting a
beat down from my little Nordic girl”, he laughed.

“Well give me what you got my plummeting Viking~!”

“Jeg vil (I will)”, he smiled with a returning lustful look in his eyes.

He removed his shirt and pants, just leaving his boxers and amazing body in
front of you. You didn’t expect him to be so… muscular! You blushed to the
sight of him and looked away in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong, kærlighed (love)?”

“I’m nervous”, you squeaked with a laugh.

“If this was all it took for me to take over you,
I should have done this a long time ago”, he laughed.

“S-Shut up”, you playfully nudged him. “Hurry up! My body needs invasion”,
you said in a slightly funny voice, winning a smile from your boyfriend.

“NO PROBLEM~!” In a flash he removed your shirt and pants in under a minute
and began his work. He toyed to your breasts, finding them the perfect size for
his hands. He circled his fingers around your bud while he kissed and suckled
on your skin. This hot and pleasurable feeling burned your body in a hot frenzy
as his actions got rougher. He kissed you with tongue as he always won the
dominance over you. You gasped for air with his rough and hard touch; your
body practically begging for more.

“D-Damn…. You’re just too cute”, he lustfully gazed with his sexy body hung
over you like a shining chandler, as he nibbled on your ear, pulling and
tugging on it.

“NNahggn… M-Mathias… S-Stop teasing”, you pleaded as you went up to kiss him,
straddling on his lap as he sat of the couch. His member rubbed up against the
crevasses of your vital regions, throbbing slightly. You reached your hand and
teased it, receiving the reaction you hoped for. He moaned out your name in
ecstasy, making your panties feel even hotter and wetter than before. When you
thought appropriate, you slipped your hand in his pants and stroked it slowly
and softly at first and then harder and faster.

Something then clicked within the Viking as he pinned you down to the floor
of the living room, placing a hand inside your panties, massaging your hot
regions. His reward? Your absolutely lustful face.

He placed one finger… then two… then three inside of your entrance, causing
a slight discomfort but also a warm and hot pleasure inside of you… Your body
craved more, and so did Mathias. He moved his fingers in and out of you,
stretching your insides to somehow help the pain of his “ax” when he
would tear it apart.

“__________, are you ready…?”

“I… M-Mathias...”, you stuttered… You were afraid actually. His
(I dare not say it) inside of you… N-No way! I mean… You wanted it but…
It would hurt, wouldn’t it???

“Denmark I don’t think—“

He pressed his lips against yours again, hushing you.
“I already know… You’re nervous. And it’s not in any of my
intentions to hurt you… But I know a better way of making you
feel good… One that will suite the both of us…”

You looked at him with curiosity. He flipped you over and positioned
himself close to your entrance. This scared you. Hadn’t you already
made it clear enough!?

With a single thrust his member entered your ass, as you cried out in sweet
and bitter pleasure. He stopped for a moment for you to recollect yourself
as you clutched the carpet around you…

You panted heavily… “T-That’s… ahh… in my…”

“Yup… Your still a virgin”, he chuckled.

“T-THAT’S NOT FUNNY”, you yelled at him with a blush all over your face….

“P-Please…. Move”, you moaned.

He nodded and kissed your lips and neck, sucking on your breast and sensitive
areas. His speed increased with every gasp and moan of his name. You could feel
tightness in his stomach slowly twisting and turning inward, tightening your
very core.

“Y-You’re so tight ___________”, he groaned, sucking in
on his teeth to the pleasure your body had given him.
“I-I t-think I’m at my limit.”

“Me ahha… t-too”, you gasped and in a moments time you
both came and rod out the organism for as long as your body
could. Boy that felt good…

“I love you Mathias…”, you smiled as you pecked him on the cheek.

“I love you too, my little Nordic girl~!”

My Drunk Boyfriend (Denmark X Reader Lemon) by pinkstar144

/ / ©2012-2016 pinkstar144
Mature Content
AHHHH~!!!!!!!!!!! My first Denmark Lemon O-O
Someone shoot me... XD

I didn't think I would be doing something like this honestly.... Well I hope you enjoyed~!


I do NOT own Hetalia (c) or the characters ~!
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sure~ ^^ Kanji is unknown to me too, but Katakana is known.
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[Right now I have a screwdriver on my hand.
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pinkstar144 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Oh my gosh I did read it while listening to trouble maker by olly murs and it made so much sense omg! But it is a pretty good x reader keep up the good work my friend
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Will do~ Thank you >w<
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