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Mifune X Reader: In a World Only Kishin Know

It was hard to breathe. Like my throat was choked up. The air felt heavy and the concrete walls that held me and Mifune against our will didn’t allow us any way out. Arachnophobia was behind the current situation. We were ambushed; a counter attack was pulled right when the DWMA thought they had the lead ahead. The thought that the enemy was leading us in for a trap didn’t even pass our minds.

The tiny witch Angela Leon was nowhere close by. After joining with the DWMA months before this ‘war on souls’, only misfortune and insanity seemed to be lurking on our backs. Arachnophobia had kidnapped Angela 6 months ago; which gave him a reason to join the DWMA. It was the most convenient way to get updated on the enemy.  Looking back to Mifune, I saw him sitting there, thinking hard with his legs crossed with only a single sword nearby him. It was painful to watch as his right foot thumped vigorously on the dusty ground to hide his anger.  

Cameras were on the corners of the plain concrete-like prison. No doors, no windows, and just metal bars about 10 feet up that showed the faint light of the moon and stars. I stared at Mifune as a thick fog came in through the bars. It was misty and had a light smell of sweat.
I looked to the cameras and glared. There was no way out. We were now the lab rats in their new experiment. Who knew where the others were? The bad guys were smart enough to separate the weapons and meisters away from each other. Great…

My meister was elsewhere leaving me without a wielder. Why would they put me and Mifune together? Why would they let Mifune have a weapon? Why didn’t they keep me under wraps when they knew I could transform into a killing  device? Who knows…?

“______,” he lightly called out to me as if it was hard to speak.

I walked over to him and crouched down so I was at eyes view. “We’ll find Angela. They must be using her to get to you somehow…”

“I think it’s much worse than that”, he choked as he wiped off a bead of sweat. Noticing, I pulled up my shirt just enough so that only my tummy showed and wiped his sweat off with the bottom of my t-shirt.

“You should take off some layers. You’re burning up”, I warned.

“I’ll be fine…” he gaze a pause before leaning up at the ceiling. “Do you smell that?”

I sniffed the air but came back with nothing. “What?”

“It’s sweet… and salty…”

There was a long pause as Mifune just stared at the bar in the ceiling that let in the light of the moon. The fog was coming in quickly but I could still see everything around me. I would’ve bashed all the cameras a long time ago, but I’m not tall enough to reach and Minfune was in no condition to move. He reached into his pocket and took out a piece of Konbu Candy and placed it in his mouth with a wide grin. It’s one of the few times I’ve seen him actually smile but… his eyes looked bloodshot, and his smile was crocked to the side. Slowly yet surely he got up and leaned against the wall for support with that same smile. “______... I know what’s making that smell….”

I looked to him sympathetically, knowing that everything I once knew was about to change.

“This scent….



There was another pause of silence as he sat back down in the same position as before. I was too afraid to even come close to him at this point. Me and Mifune hardly knew each other. It was impossible for me to think of what he might do. “Mifune… you’re sweating a lot… Are you okay?”

“I’m just fine”, he bluntly announced in a calm kind of humor. “Take a deep breath and eat some of this.”

He tossed me a Konbu candy and watched as I caught it. I thanked him as I kept my distance. Inspecting the piece of bitter candy, I unwrapped it and plucked it in my mouth. It was bitter and sour, making the taste buds of my tongue refuse to have the so called ‘candy’ move around my mouth. “H-How can you eat this stuff?” I choked.

“You don’t like it”, he frowned with a kind of glare. I knew Mifune wasn’t a man to be messed with. Not only has he had more experience with weaponry; he was also known to almost defeat Black*Star. It would end bad for me if I ended on his bad side.

“It’s not that. It’s just it’s pretty bitter, isn’t it?”

“I suppose… I thought kids liked candy.”

He gave a sigh which quickly turned into a grin again. The same grin that made my skin run cold. A trail of sweat descended from his nose as he got up once again and looked up to the full moon. Considering the situation, it seemed the Kishin had been growing stronger. If it weren’t for that damn ambush I would’ve helped the others fight.

“Mifune, you’re sweating… a lot.”

“I know”, he slightly chuckled. Not a creepy chuckle. It was more like a ‘thank-you-captain-obvious’ sarcastic smile. “If you want me to undress so badly—“

“That’s not what I meant! Be serious!”

In a single motion, he pointed his sword right in front of my face. If he were a footstep closer, I wouldn’t have an eye right now…

“Listen, kid…” his words shot venom. “I don’t know about you but I’ve been pretty serious. If it’s anyone who isn’t, then it’s you.”

My heart felt like it was going to explode. He could see the look of fear in my eye. He knew what I was thinking. Something though, was off about him. He wasn’t as silent as everyone said he was. Could it be the madness? Did the Kishin win after all?!

“Sorry”, I glared. “Let’s look for a way out.”

With a nod of his head, he quickly destroyed all the cameras in a swift and graceful form. However, the ceiling that had the metal bars were too high up. The fog that descended from above looked different in color. It was purplish…

With that, I passed out for I don’t know how long. But when I woke back up, it was daylight.
Blinking my eyes and adjusting to the sunlight, I squinted as I looked from Mifune. He wasn’t here. He wasn’t anywhere! I was alone with only a single sword that he must have left behind. But how did he leave? There was no way out, right?! There had to be something I could do. Something to get me out of here….


Not the most well developed plan, but that’s the first thing that came to mind. I tried again and again in hopes that he would hear me, but he never came. Maybe he was just sick of me… or maybe someone came and killed him… I don’t even remember how I got in here. One thing is for sure though. They, or whoever is responsible for this, is scared of me. That’s why they work when I’m knocked out.

“DAMN IT!!” I yelled out. Not only was this annoying, but I was getting hungry.

A mechanical noise was heard from above me. Looking up, I saw the bars slowly spread apart and allow access to get out. However, I was still too short to jump ten feet in the air and out to freedom.. Damn the little things….

Three masked figures in black and white masks pushed a body down to the ground with a laugh. As I looked at the body, I saw an injured Mifune, with patches all over his neck and wrists. “M-Mifune!”

I raced over to him and lifted him up. His eyes were wide and his mouth was trembling. “What…What did you bastards do to him?!”

The masked and hooded figures just laughed and closed the bars again. As I caressed Mifune on my lap, I felt tears start to build up in my eyes. Was he completely taken over by the madness? Did he lose all sanity? My fears were finally realized when his lips trembled with a grin.

Scared and worried for my own life, I left his side and moved to the furthest part of the prison. My heart beat in my throat, my legs shook, and my eyes were fixed on the man who began to stand with a twitching motion. I wasn’t scared… I was terrified.

“_______.... What’s wrooooong?” His voice was so dry…

Tears welded in my eyes to the point of falling. “Mifune… What happened to you?!” It sounded like I was demanding an explanation from him.  I had no idea what was going on. I needed to know what was going on. He didn’t answer, and just sluggishly approached me and picked up his sword like a drunkard. With all my courage I screamed, “Answer me!”

The constant drag of the blade hitting the concrete made my chest twist. I was so scared I felt I was going to piss myself.

Closer…. scraaaape… Closer…. scraaaape…. And even closer…. SCRAAAAPPPPEE…

Mifune stopped in front of me and pinned my arms against the wall. My first instinct was to fight back. I kicked and bit at his wrists but he didn’t move. He took every ounce of pain I was giving him and stood there with a blank expression. He looked possessed.

“______....” It sounded like a plea for help.

As I looked into his begging eyes, he kissed me right away without giving me time to respond. It was deep, passionate and forceful as he pressed himself against me. I didn’t think he was this good of a kisser. I wanted to push him away, but his wrists were still firmly grasped on mine.

With one hand he pinned them above my head and used the other to touch the side of my thigh. As we both drew apart for air, I began in protest and tried to squirm out of him but nothing. “Mifune! What the hell are you doing?! Stop it!”

“I can’t hold back anymore… The madness… it’s too strong…” He winced to the pain of me kicking him. “I’m… I’m sorry”, he breathed before leading back to another kiss. He kissed all over my neck and collar bone to only lead back up to my face. His soft pale lips were placing their mark on me.

“P-Please…” I begged. “Stop this…”

He looked at me with eyes of lust and wanting. Eyes much different than before. “Just let it take over you… Let is drown you with its pleasures…” he whispered in my eye before giving it a tug. It was getting harder to hold back my moans.

“N-NO!! MIFUNE STOP!!” I screamed in his eardrum, hoping I can wake him up. “I DON’T WANT THIS! WAKE UP!!”

There was a pause as I softly began to cry. My wrists were let free as he collapsed to the ground. Behind the collapsed body was my partner, (boy name), that had used Mifune’s own sword to stab him in the back.

“(Boy Name)!” I cried out loud as I too collapsed to the ground, trying to stop endless tears. I couldn’t stop crying. I had to let them out. This was all too crazy...

“______”, he bluntly said. “Don’t you see… You’ve gone crazy.”


A purple mist was all around me with a resounding chuckle of screams and laughter that pierced my ears at such a volume that I needed to cover them. My partner took the blade and pointed it at me with tears in his eyes. “Don’t you get it?! You’ve been infected with the madness!!”

“(Boy Name)… W-What? N-No I can’t be…”

“________... I’m sorry….” With a gasp of air he lifted the sword above my head. He was going to kill me. It would be the end of my life. My heart was being suffocated—no it was being stabbed from all the guilt and fear and pain I was living in.

“Wait! Please d—“


He collapsed on the ground with a knife through his neck. Blood gushed from his mouth and throat in a dark maroon color. As his body turned to ash and dust, a single blue soul took his place. Behind the soul was Mifune was a frown. The only words he could say was “Sorry…”

Have you ever heard that you can be so afraid that you can’t even speak. I was experiencing that right now. I couldn’t speak. How could I? How could I even say how I feel when there are no words to describe it. “Mi…Mif….Mifu….”

“Shhhh…..” He took me into his arms and stroked my hair tenderly without saying anything. I cried and sobbed on his shoulder till his clothes were soaked with my tears, grasping onto his shirt tightly. Even though, he stayed there until I could put words together.


Mifune kissed the top of my forehead and frowned.

“The world as we know it… has fallen into madness…”
My contest for…

I hope they like it~!!! >w<

I don't own the picture of the characters, but I do own the story line.

Thank you for the llama's and the comments~! <3
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