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August 20, 2012
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When was it…? Let's see… It was during spring time. Around
the same time it was three years ago. It was lunch time and one
of your friends had some very interesting news to give to you.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! _______! I have SUPER good news… You like,
go over that Kagamine boy's house, right?"

You nodded your head cheerfully, giving a slight blush. Yes you
had developed a crush for Kagamine Len, who was this school's
singing sensation, best dancer, and better then Justin Bieber since
FOREVER! You wouldn't consider yourself a fan but you did favor his
work. But not just that, but the way he smiled when you gave him a
banana or that protective way he would watch over you. You loved it
and you loved him. When you two were kids, you would always say
"I love you" to each other. Not anymore and probably not in the
same way you feel. You sighed as your friends eyes still widened
with giddiness. Was what she had to say that good?

"So like I was talking to him and-"

"YOU talked to him? I find that hard to believe.
He's in the eighth grade! We're in seventh!"

"Yeah but it's not like we don't see each other every day!
He knows me…. Sort of…"

You laughed along with her till she calmed you
down to tell you the big news.

"Okay okay… So here's the news… Len has a thing for you!"
she squealed.

"What!? Really? How do you know? I don't believe you!"

"Well I was talking to him during our acting elective. As you were
reading the lines to Hamlet, you had your British accent down packed!
You were like the real Hamlet or something!"

"Thanks…", you groaned.

"But in a good way! You were so in character and as you were reading it,
I saw mister banana boy looking at you with a smile on his face~."


"Sooooo ~ Since I was sitting right next him and his blue
haired friend, I decided to talk to him."

"And what happened?"

"Well I was like "You and ______ have been friends for a while huh?"
And he was like "Ever since I can remember" and then I was like
"It's a shame that you haven't told her you like her."  
His face was priceless!"

"YOU SAID WHAT!? I can't believe it…
And what did he say!? God I'm gonna hit you!"

"Relax, Relax! Then as his face was the same color
of Luka-Sempai's hair, he said "How did you know?!"

Your face imminently grew a bright pink. He… actually… LOVES…. YOU!!!

You felt like doing cartwheels and jumping around all over the place.
Was this really happening? But when was he gonna tell you? Were you
gonna ask him? Oh gosh so many thoughts went through your head.

"I'm so happy", you told your friend with a squeal.
You gave her a hug and sat next to each other.

"But don't tell him I told you! He told me to keep it secret",
she said putting a finger to her lips.

"You got it", you replied. "My lips are sealed."

You glanced over at the 8th grade table… There was where all the
popular kids were. Luka… Gumi… Meiko… Gakupo…  Kaito… Len… and Rin…and…
wait there's one more coming. Pretty, teal hair with matching eyes,
Hatsune Miku a.k.a the school's Diva, was sitting next to Len and Rin.
Miku was the most popular girl in the school. Just like Len being the
most popular boy, Miku was also a singing sensation and a great actress.

You envied her a little. Even Rin-Chan admitted it too. In the beginning,
you can remember Rin ranting about how she wished Miku would lose her
voice or something. Now they were good friends, and it looked like they
were having fun.  All of those eighth graders were always so nice to you.
Together that small group called themselves "The Vocaloids". They all sung
and acted and were the most popular in the school… There were more members
of this group but they were someplace else.

You were pretty popular as well since Rin and Len didn't see any problem
with you hanging out with their friends and since you're pretty close to
them. Miku and Kaito thought you were just adorable, Gumi and Meiko always
teased about your chest and liked to make you laugh, Gakupo and Luka were
like your other parents, and we already know about your current situation
about Rin and Len.

"You should go talk to them", you friend suggested seeing as
how you were staring at the Vocaloids.

"Nah… I don't want to be a bother… And now… I'm nervous…"

"Oh c'mon! What can be worst!? They've never said no to you before!"

"True but… I think I'm going to stay here", you said eating your lunch.

Later on that day you walked out of school, Rin and Len waiting for you
to come out of the doors. You saw the twins and walked over to them.
You gave a smile and happily sang a simple tune.

"Oh hey ______. Why didn't you come sit with us?
We were waiting for you", Rin said loudly.

"Oh really? I didn't want to be a bother…"

"No! Never! They and I love you around. It didn't feel right without you."

"Really? I didn't think they would care", you smiled.

"Nah! You're one of us! You're a Vocaloid!

"M-me?! A Vocaloid? I don't think so… Nobody else sees me as one…
They think I'm just trying too hard to be popular… not that I care…"

"But we do think you're popular!"

"That's only because I know you two!" you laughed in irony.

You looked over to Len. He seemed quiet for some reason.
You wondered why. Sure he was calmer then Rin but not to where
he was as silent as air!

"Hey Len… Are you okay?"

"Huh? … Oh yeah I'm fine…"

"Well you don't seem fine to me. Do you wanna talk?"

"Len this is no time to be upset", Rin said to him firmly.


"Len! You're gonna make me feel bad! C'mon just tell me?
Something happened in school", you tried asking him, shaking his
book-bag behind him as if that would get him to talk. But it wasn't working.

You walked slower along with Rin and Len was in
front of both of you by a few meters.

"Rin… what happened to Len" you asked her so innocently and sadly.

She didn't answer…

"I just thought we were close enough to him that he could share his
feelings towards us… Even if it's not like that… I want to be closer
to him so he can share those feelings… Don't you feel the same way sometimes?"

"Yeah", the blonde girl agreed, fixing her bow.

You three returned back to the big Kagamine House and went inside.
Rin, being bossy as ever, had a whole list of what you all were gonna do.

"First it's homework. _________, if you want anything to drink, now's
the time to get it because me and Len will be too busy to get it for
you and I don't want you taking breaks in between homework time."

"Yes ma'am", you replied.

"Later, Len and I have to practice for the sing off in school that's
this Friday. We need to write a new song… When you're done with homework,
maybe you could help or even join in the competition."

"Sounds great", you said excitedly!

"Alright! Get to work!"

You got our some Sprite and a chocolate bar and started eating
while doing your homework at the same time… about two hours passed
and your homework was finished. Now what? Oh that's right!

You put your empty Sprite can in the recycle bin along with the
candy wrapper. Len and Rin were in their bedroom, talking about
something a bit too loudly. You crept up close enough to the door
silently so you could eavesdrop. A low move, but you were very curious.
Maybe it was about the song?

"Are you seriously gonna let this take over your life!?
Len this is stupid! Just let go of it."

"Easy for you to say! You never had been through this before!"

"How do you know, huh?!"

"We're twins! I've known you all my life!"

You decided that maybe now wasn't the time to talk to them…
Maybe if you came in you could stop the fighting like you used too…
but… times were different now…

"Len… I know what Kaito said-"

"That's why I'm so mad! I don't care if he's our friend … It's just...!"

You thought Len was going to break down. What happened? You decided to
head back to the kitchen. He was mad at Kaito… that's all you knew.
But for what? What could he have done? You and Kaito were good friends.
You hung out together and talked.

When Len invited him over, you both always shared ice cream together
and talked. Now that you think about it… When you and Kaito talked
alone, Len always looked sad or uncomfortable. Was he jealous of Kaito?

In Rin and Len's room however, the conversation continued, out of reach
for you to hear. Len was on his bed, spread out like an eagle, looking up
to the ceiling with his blue orbs. Rin sat beside him, with a saddened look.

"It's only Kaito Len… Did you even tell him how you felt
before he told you he liked her?"

"No… Us guys have like a code, you know. Like how you girls have a "girl code",
we have a "guy code". Once he calls dibs, it's all over. And I can't say now to
him that I like her or he'll think I'm trying to steal her away from him or
something… I should've never had him meet her… I should've never had _________
be a part of everyone else.  It's just harder for me to keep her all to myself."

"She was never yours to begin with, Len… you should have said your feelings
a long time ago. Ever since that day she fell three years ago… You should've
said it then!... What were you so afraid of?"

"That we would never be the same…"

Once again, I don't own Vocaloid (duh lol... I'm too stupid for that)

But same old same old... If i get 15 comments or 30 views, I shall write more X3

Thanks for you support :)

Part Two: [link]
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