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December 9, 2012
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Germany X Sister!Reader X Prussia
A Promise We Made

“It all started with a promise…. A promise I will never forget”,
you cried as you wrote in your leather journal.

You were 23 years old, with a nice paying job as a (dream job) with your 25 year
old brother Gilbert and your younger 21 year old brother Ludwig. The three of you
were always close. However, you didn’t look quite like your brothers. Their hair
was different from yours along with their personalities. At times you would act
like your excited and loud older brother then at others you would take on the
calmer and easily angered Ludwig.  But still you were similar. At times you
wondered if you were adopted but no, they were actually your brothers.

“At times I wonder if they actually love me… or if they’re just
doing this to make me happy. I feel such a thick burden that I’m
not sure if I can take anymore without breaking…”

You looked out the window of your room and sighed wiping your tears. The sky
was dark and cloudy; a perfect day for tears. Rain drops and the cold weather
fogged up your view of the backyard. However, in your room you were happy. You
began writing some more was memories of the past filled you.

“I HATE MEN”, you screamed as you entered your home one night. “All those
guys want is my money and body! I’m not a sex toy!” You cried and left to
your room to let off some air. You were officially an adult and were at that
age when you were seeking for love. However, each and every guy that seemed
nice broke your heart or tried to take advantage of you. One of them even was
a murderer. Maybe it was a bad sense of judgment? Who could blame you though?
You were pretty well known for having some cash in your pocket.

Prussia who was lying on the couch of the living room jumped to the booming
of your sobbing voice and quickly got up. As the oldest of the house the three
of you shared he found it his job to either pick fun at you or come to your
aid. Most of the time he would do both at the same time but this was serious.

Ludwig was making dinner for all of you until he heard the noise too.
“Not again…”, he thought. His eyes quickly grew with concern. What if you
were hurt again? Leaving everything to their posts he quickly walked into
your room where he met his older brother looking at the closed door to the
bedroom hesitant if he should open it or not. Ludwig nodded his head and
grabbed the handle, entering your room. You hadn’t even bothered to turn
on the lights you were so depressed.

The two brothers made their way inside as they
turned the lights on. “Are you hurt, __________?”

“Of course I am! Those bastards were only after my money,
again! I hate guys! They should all burn in hell!”

You looked up to your brothers who were a little offended but they knew
you wouldn’t refer to them. Your younger brother sat next to you on the
bed and held you close. Your quivering face laid on his hard and muscular
chest. If you were that strong maybe you could do something about your
current situation.

“__________. You need to stop this”, your older brother for once sympathized.

“Well you guys don’t know what it’s like! You’ve all had dates before…
At least you know what it’s like”, you cried more.

“Nein, we don’t __________. Even if there were people who
had a interest in us it wouldn’t matter.”

“How so?”

“Because we’ve never loved anyone else before. We’ve only
loved each other”, Ludwig concluded. “And it hurts to see
you go on like this. You need to stop!”

They were right. The only people you’ve loved is your brothers and no
one else. You all did buy a house together after all. “We promise
you __________ that the awesome me and Luddy here will aid you in
any way you need”, Gilbert smiled happily.

His smiled radiated a sort of glow that made you hopeful. You smiled too
and wiped your tears. “O-Okay… Thank you”, you spoke. However, you were
still crying over what had happened. Your older brother saw this and
frowned a bit. He sat next to you as well and placed a warm hand on yours.

“All I want to know is what it’s liked to have
someone close…”, you sighed. “That’s all I ever wanted…”

Gil smirked at your comment and laughed a bit. “You really want
to know what it’s like? I wouldn’t say things you don’t mean, Frau.”

“Why do you think I was trying to find the one,
dummkomph”, you replied to him a little harshly.

“Then if that’s so…”, the two brothers looked at each other a little
worried. “Alright I’ll be back with some water”, the younger brother
finally said and left your side.

“We can provide that you know”, Gil said with a
soft pink blush forming at his cheeks.

“Y-You what?”

Ludwig came back with some water in your hands. You thanked him but
before you could take a sip he stopped you. “Are you positive that’s
what you want more than anything else”, he asked as if he was pleading.

“Ja! Geez you guys are a weird”, you snapped as you took the cup of
water and drank everything. Next to you, Gilbert looked up to Ludwig
with a smile. How weird…

The brothers talked to you and made you laugh for a few minutes more before
your body started feeling heavy and paralyzed. “The hell? My body feels
weird. Like it’s heavy and just floppy… My period hasn’t come yet has it,
has it”, you asked yourself. Your brothers looked to you seriously.

“We’ll help you Frau”, Gil stated as he moved your body to the center of
the bed. Taking it kindly you thanked him until you saw your younger sibling
stripping off his clothes. You flushed a bit looking at him. Sure he was
your brother but his body was…. Rather fit….

You gazed over to your brother who was less buff but still muscular
as a pro athlete. “Don’t change it my room”, you barked. “You better
pick up those clothes.”

“____________. I apologize for whatever discomfort you might feel”, Ludwig
sighed as he took of his pants only leaving him in forest green boxers
and your older brother in black ones.

“_____________, you’re going to have the best fucking
of your life”, he grinned rather eagerly.

“Don’t mess with me! You know I don’t feel good”, you
reasoned. “And we’re siblings you know!”

The brothers met you on opposite sides of the bed and sighed
once again. “___________ you asked for this. We’re tired of seeing
you run off to see guys who don’t even love you when there’s two
perfectly good ones right here”, Luddy saddened as his fingers lifted
your jaw. “That water you drank was a type of drug to help you… feel good.”

“That’s why my body is like this?!”

“Ja Frau… We’re doing this because we love you… More
than anything else in the world so relax and enjoy the awesome us!”

“O-Okay”, you gave in as you tensed up a little.
The nodded their heads and began their love spell.

Ludwig kissed your eyelids, mouth, forehead, nose, ears, and chin with each
kiss sending gentle shivers to your delicate and now highly sensitive skin.
Gil meanwhile began working on your blouse as he unbuttoned and unzipped the
layer of clothing leaving to see a lacy and sexual bra covering your buds.

“____________! You even went as far as to wear this stuff”, he chuckled.

“T-That’s none of your business! Stop staring!”

He came up to your ear and tugged on it huskily speaking in raspy
German, “Don’t be like that… I love it.”

Your shoes and stocking soon came off in no time leaving you almost bare
and vulnerable to their touch. Ludwig kissed you roughly and slid his tongue
over your bottom lip. As you gasped to the touch of it he trusted the wet
organ completely in your mouth, circling and exploring your own in a
hypnotic dance. On instinct your body played along till you felt a soft
chill on your breasts.

To your surprise they were bear and left in the hand so Gil who smirked at
how hard your bud was already. Using his hands he forcefully groped at your
skin and began in a frenzy of licking and sucking bringing you to moderate
moans. You moaned loudly as you kissed your younger brother as your face
turned a crimson red.

“I think it’s time to take things a bit further”, Gilbert smirked as he
wiped a trial of saliva from the corner of his mouth. Ludwig nodded and took
out the belt from his pants and binded your hands behind your back and laid you
crouching on your stomach gently. He didn’t want to hurt you after all.

You became nervous when you saw the big tent in your brother’s pants. If there
was only one of them maybe you would less intimidated but two just made things
worse. Your stomach began doing twists and flips causing you to groan. Your
big brother stood in front of your face and kissed your forehead lovingly.
“Prepared to meet my five meters”, he asked. This was only a joke when you
were younger but now it had a whole new meaning. Inside his boxers it
did look very…. Large….

He peeled off his boxers, showing you in all his glory his member throbbing
and all. He held your nose together and told you to open your mouth.
“I want you to suck it… hard”, he teased.

“You’ll get what I give you”, you teased back before doing what he said.
As the hard member entered your mouth it took up most of your mouth. Since
you were too weak to move, Gil thrust his hips into you lightly. “Scream
if you’re choking”, he laughed before stroking your hair. “I wouldn’t want
you to get hurt.”

As you treated Gilbert, Ludwig pulled at your panties. You blushed fiercely
knowing you were now vulnerable to penetration. He groped your bare skin and
gave your butt a hard smack. You yelped in surprise as you sucked on Gilbert.
You would’ve killed Ludwig if you were better but considering where you were
now you realized something… This is what you wanted, right?

The blonde massaged your folds and dipped his head in when you felt
something warm and wet enter you. You moaned even louder from the feel
of Ludwig’s tongue in your womanhood. This only excited them more.

Gilbert thrust faster and harder than before as you could feel him reaching
his climax. “___-______! P-Pull out…”, he warned you but you kept your hold.
A thickness entered down your throat causing you to choke. It was an unusualy
thick and bitter taste but it wasn’t horrible. You did manage to swallow his
seed and continue breathing.

The brothers looked at you surprised. “__________, you okay”, Gil asked
quickly as you gave a final gasp for air. You could feel your body come
back to life for some reason.

You smiled and looked up to him. “Y-Yeah… I’m fine.
You taste… right”, you smirked.

“It is my seed after all”, he chuckled.

Ludwig gave a sigh of relief and unbound you to his belt
wrapping you in his warm embrace. “Now are you satisfied, Frau?”

“Y-yeah”, you coughed. “It was great. Thank you”, you chirped.
Your brothers smiled too until they smelled smoke coming from the kitchen…


You snapped back to reality as you looked at your journal.
Still tears were falling from your cheek but you were happy.

“Yeah they love me… I’m sure of it.”
I hope you guys enjoyed~!

If I messed up with the names, please let me know~ This is another verison on a America and Canada fan-fic

If you like Canada and America better than press here ---> [link]

If you like Romano and Feliciano better than press here ---> [link]
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DemigodArtist 1 day ago  New member Student General Artist
Holy... :iconbignosebleedplz:
Boy I would have slapped the two if them and locked the door to my room sneak out through the window and stay at a freinds for two days and sneak back in and see they're reaction
Is it wrong to think that if I was really their sister that incest would be ok?!?!!?? Because now I really want to be their sissy
pinkstar144 Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're not the only person who thinks that lol xD
spainlover1010 Apr 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
Lol me to
Nice I like all three of them they were perfect. So much drama but that's okay
ashley-tisdale-fan98 Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nice~ I was actually able to read it all the way through, unlike your Italy x Reader x Romano one which I also l also loved, as well as the America and Canada one. You're truly awesome. ^w^ :iconovariesplz::iconovariesplz::iconovariesplz:
Lousiey Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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