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Free to Touch
Fem!America X Fem!Reader

Lighting my first cigarette I looked out the window of my partner’s bedroom and puffed a smoke, seminude with only a lacy pair of red underwear and a blue and white t-shirt—her favorite colors. Honestly, how could I let things get like this? How could I be so foolish.

Foolish enough to let this stranger take advantage of me

Taking my first taste of tobacco was harder than how my friends made it look. But for one thing, it did take my mind off of the stress I was currently in. My partner laid beside me peacefully; also seminude. I coughed to the thick and bitter air of black smoke. The only things illuminating light was the moon and the lighted cigar.

Just how did it get to this anyways? I guess I could tell you that, right?
Otherwise what’s the point in writing this story?

It was my first day as my job as an employee under the American Government for Citizen Service or A.G.C.S for short. I was hired because of my knowledge with computers and knowing how to make sales go up quite easily if you ask me. Anyways, this wasn’t any regular job though. Our so called boss was Alfred F. Jones; the big guy; the brains and the brawn of this country… and also the country itself.

If I wasn’t clear enough, Mr.Jones is the United States of America. I am just a person. Not only that but there are people who are actually the human personification of every country, city, and state known to earth. These people can live forever as long as there are people living in that area and the faith of the particular country/state/city or whatever is still alive… or so I’m told. Even more, Alfred F. Jones has a sister who also shares her title as U.S.A. But she’s not the “true country representative” I’ve been told.

I really don’t give two shits what that means…

As I was saying, it was my first day at my new job. I came exactly on time and made my way to the elevator to get up to the sixth floor. The elevator was descending from the fifth at the time so I was briefly able to appreciate the cleanliness of the building. White marble filled the floors and walls, with silver and gold accents. When the elevator opened I made myself inside and pressed the number 6 casually.  However, before it could actually close I saw a fairly busty woman running my way.

“Hey wait! Hold up! WAIT!!”

I held the door, a little surprised on how fast this girl could run. As she made her way in past me, I smelt a rather foul scent. I held my breath and tried to breathe in through my mouth. Thing is, I’m a nose breather so every now and then I caught of whiff of that odor. It smelled like sweat.

“Th-Thanks….”, she huffed trying to catch her breath. She bent down and rested her hands on her knees firmly. Sweat rolled down her bosom into her open cut V-Neck t-shirt, down her fairly large thighs which her shorts obviously failed at hiding; her face was red which brought out her crystal blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t fat so to speak… but she was… curvy…. Or rather, she still is…

“No problem. What floor”, I asked still trying to hold my breath.

“Uh? Oh! The sixth please!” For a bimbo like her, she sure looked happy. It was a nice expression for her now that I think about it.

“That’s the floor I’m going on”, I told her trying to force on a smile.

“Oh really!? So are you working here ? I haven’t seen you around. Wait! Are you the new guy!?... … … Hello?! What’s with the look on your face? Gotta go to the bathroom or something? ” She could go on and on about stupid questioning even though it was quite obvious. Why did stupid people have to be so cheerful?

I would’ve answered but the smell of her… it was too much…

She rested her head on the side and sighed. “Oh, right. I stink, don’t I? The thing is, I was up all night drinking Coca-Cola and chilling with some of my friends and I tried to get in the bath and….Well let’s not talk about that! So what’s your name?”

Soon the light had clicked with the announcer stating “Sixth Floor.”

“Oh damn it! I gotta run!” As soon as the door opened she was out of there like a race track horse. I couldn’t even get her name. It didn’t really matter to me though. I was sure we would meet again anyways saying that we are on the same floor and everything.

During lunch break me and my co-worker did eventually see her again and properly talked to her. “I’m sorry, but you stink”, she had said to her. “Did you stay up again, Amelia?”

That’s when I finally figured out who this girl was. She wasn’t just anyone, she was Amelia F. Jones—the sister of Alfred—or in other words, our boss. I really started to regret my behavior this morning. “So you’re Amelia”, I nervously chuckled. “I had no idea!”

“Oh yeah! I know you”, she announced as she stared into my eyes with intense hyperactivity. It was a bit overwhelming. “You’re the chic from the elevator!
I’m Amelia, nice to meet you!”

I already know your name idiot….

“Nice to meet you to. I’m ______”, I began. “I’m the new employee here. I’m Sarah’s replacement.”

“Oh…. Now I know who you are!! You’ll be working in the systems section today.”
Didn’t she say she already knew who I was? But I pulled a forced smile and thanked her. “Okay thank you.”

Amelia pulled a Coca-Cola off one of the computer desks. I don’t even think it was hers but she took it anyways. She pulled a delighted smile and  laughed. “______, you shouldn’t be so shy. We’re all friends here and of course I’m the boss so you’ll have to listen to me! HA HA HA!!!”

Ugh how annoying….

Suddenly one of the staff workers had yelled at Amelia. “Mrs.Jones! No drinking in the computer area!”

“Yeah, Yeah I know!”

“If I see you drinking again, I’ll fine you.”

“Seriously?” Amelia pouted and began walking away towards a more suitable area.
Later on during the day, it turned out I would be spending time with this girl more than I would like.

“Mrs.Jones, could you please check this out for me?”

“Mrs.Jones…? I guess that makes me sound important and all but yuck that makes me sound old”, she laughed. “Just call me Amelia! Or the heroine—like hero, not the drug”, she winked.

“Um… okay. Amelia, could you please—“

“How old are you ______?”


“Jeez, you got hearing problems or something. I said HOW OLD ARE YOU!!!?” She literally yelled in my ear. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought she was scolding me.



“Countries have… ages?”

“Well yes and no….”

“Yes…. And … no?” I questioned. I fuzzed my eyebrows and asked for an explanation.

“Honestly, I don’t really know myself but… I always thought it was like dog years to human years—you know that sort of thing!”

“Oh… yeah…” I pulled another forced smile.

“What was your name again”, Amelia asked casually. I don’t know
why but I found her as a kind of slacker somehow.

I held up my name card to her in silence. She should’ve just looked at my name instead of asking me. That way, she could look less of an idiot… Besides, didn’t she say my name just fine not too long ago?!

She looked down at my name tag squinting her eyes while
I looked away to avoid smelling her.

“….. _____? You can’t speak or something?” She chuckled again.

“And you don’t have eyes?”

“Maybe I’ll need glasses like my brother”, she laughed. “Anyways, since you’re here I guess you managed to get through the interview. Your qualifications must be good to work for my brother himself, huh?”

“… I guess so since I’m here”, I smiled. “Thanks for the recognition.”

“HA HA HA! I was just making sure. I thought they let someone through on LOOKS again. But hey, don’t take me too seriously. Wait just a sec and I’ll introduce you to everyone you need to know.”

What a jerk…

As I got back to my post on the computer I was told for now to organize all the citizenship I.D’s in New York City alone with the only fact that I had ‘the most respectable capability’. I might have been done by four days’ time but there was always this certain individual bothering me.

“Hey ______!”

“…. …. Yes…”

“Yeah dude! I’ve been calling your forever, but you didn’t notice”, Amelia said with a sigh. “So yeah I’m throwing a welcoming party for you so you gotta be there okay!?”

“B-But I really need to—“

“Oh relax honey!” She gave a short pause. “I like calling you ‘honey’. It suites you. From now on, everyone in this floor is gonna call you that.”

“That’s not nesscary—“

“HEY EVERYONE!! ______ NEW NAME IS HONEY!! BOSSES ORDERS!” she yelled through the whole floor. “Oh and ______, don’t forget. Okay?”

I wasn’t sure if I was seeing right after all the yelling and shit but… I could’ve swore she was showing weakness right there…

One of the other co-workers smiled at me after Amelia left. “Mrs.Jones likes to poke fun at people. It just means she’s taken a liking to you. She doesn’t joke with me as much though…”

I gave a sarcastic chuckle. “HA HA HA—no, it’s still not funny…”

“That’s so like you… But if you haven’t noticed, this whole floor is only made up of female workers. The last guy here left because he got Sarah preggy which is why you’re here! YEAH~!!”

“What? Seriously?!”

“Yeah honey—“

“Don’t call me that…”

"Sorry, boss's orders", she chuckled.
I thought this would be a change of pase. I don't know why but I always wanted to do a Female America fan-fic. I want to continue it of course but I wanted to see how this would start off on it's own. Most people only really like the Male countries and when it is a female country it's usally heteralsexaul. This one is homosexual (N-NO not in that way!! >-< )

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed~!

Part 2: [link]
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"Nice to meet you to. I’m ______”, I began. “I’m the new employee here. I’m Sarah’s replacement.”

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"Nice to meet you to. I’m Sarah”, I began. “I’m the new employee here. I’m Sarah’s replacement.”

Hehe. It's always weird when something like that happens. X3
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