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Free to Touch
Fem!America X Fem!Reader: Chapter Three

(Reader’s P.O.V)

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years actually working here. And by god it’s been surprisingly good… and bad. Amelia had a birthday party thrown for me for two years straight. Likewise I tried to do something for it, but I could never do more than take her out to eat at some restaurant. She’s my boss yet I never think of her like one. Ok.. That’s REALLY not good for me to think that but it’s true.

I was walking downstairs to get something faxed when I bumped into Amelia at the door. “Woah, my bad”, she said with a look of surprise. “I’ll be leaving now everyone so take care, okay?”

The staff members that heard her wished her good luck on her trip. Wait. A trip? There was a trip? Not much less, no one seems to tell me anything anymore, right? Jeez… Even more, she was wearing a navy business suite with a white blouse and red heals. Talk about being patriotic. Red, white, and blue are her favorite colors but still…

I asked one of the ladies there in charge of New Jersey accounts. I’ll just call her Jersey for now. “Why is she wearing a suit?

“I don’t know. A business trip maybe?”

Another lady walked up to us. Her name card under it flashed Minnesota against her purple dress. “She’s going all the way to France. She’ll be gone for a few”, she sighed.  “I’m gonna miss her.”

At our job, we each have a certain state we’re in charge of. I was held responsible for New York, one of the more populous states of the nation. Sometimes I wish I had Middle of Nowhere Nevada or Utah.

“How long?” I asked.

Jersey chuckled. “_____, you sure are concerned when it comes to Amelia, huh.”

Minnesota nodded in agreement. “Now that you mention it, seems like it shouldn’t matter.”

I gave a dull smile and retreated to my desk. “It’s nothing. I was just curious.”

“Oh, that’s it? She should be back in two weeks.”

“Oh okay.”

As I went to work back on the governmental papers, I felt a twist in my stomach, like a cramp you get during your menstrual cycle. It hurt. I thought it could be I was actually getting it. No, I finished it 9 days ago….  I didn’t want to admit it but I was starting to think that I would miss that hyperactive son of a gun.

The next two weeks without her was boring. Me and the other state staff members joined up for dinner at a local restaurant after work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was a good way to take our minds off how boring work was without our talkative Amelia telling battle stories of her brother and all the countries she had been too. I was jealous.

Piles upon piles of paper seemed to go by much slower when she was around, but she made my life interesting. Without her there it was certainly something new. Two weeks later she finally returned with a cigar in her mouth, lighting it with a match and trying to smoke it. Then she let out a cackle and coughed, cursed out the piece of addictive substance, and put of the flame to throw it out.

“Looks like Boss is back.”

“Oh she is.”

“She looks stressed…”

“I haven’t seen her work this hard in years. We’re not having another war are we?”

“Nah, Amelia just isn’t used to actual labor that’s all.”

“I hear they’re introducing a new economy plan for the Middle East.”

“What?! They’re switching again? But wasn’t she in France?”

“Who knows?”

My eyes followed Amelia till she took a seat at her desk and gave a huge sigh. Her eyes were looking baggy from the long trip home and her bag was decorated in many buttons with bright colorful words in French. “I FINALLY FINISHED!!”

I laughed. “How was France?”

“It was good. The weather was fine at least. I wasn’t able to do any sightseeing though! My Francisca used to take me around all the popular tourist attractions all the time.”

“How was the food?”

Amelia snorted as she opened a can of Coca-Cola. “Like I had time for that. Please, my job isn’t as glamourized as it looks. The only food they give me is some cheap take out. DID YOU KNOW FRENCH FRIES ARENT FRENCH?! I found that out only TWO DAYS AGO!!! I think part of me died hearing that…”

I didn’t bother to tell her that there were many other things that had French in it that really wasn’t French at all.

Boston took a sip of her tea from a local tea shop nearby. It smelled of herbal cinnamon chai. “New York there was lonely without you, Amelia.” She gave a grin to me and laughed.

Amelia looked at me in suprise. “Really, you were?”

I sighed and got to my desk. “I was not lonely.  I missed you that’s all.”

“We all did”, California added as she got up from her desk top as a phone rung on her table. She quickly sat back down to answer the call. I did the same and continued shorting out papers and filling in legal documents.

Amelia gave me a pat on the head and smiled. “You’re too cute, getting all
serious! Let me see your face when you say you missed me!!”

I was blushing, I couldn’t help it. I really did miss her and just seeing her had made me happy, even if I didn’t show it to her most of the time. The feeling was nice. Amelia turned my chair to face her, exposing my hidden emotions. She looked at me in surprise and I didn’t say anything. She just simply smiled and walked away.

“I brought souvenirs, everyone. BUTTONS AND POSTCARDS~!!”

Jersey groaned. “Again with the postcards?!”

“Why do I even bother hoping for a foreign dude to walk through these doors. Now that is a souvenir I would cherish forever”, Chicago grinned foolishly.

“Not even a rose?”

“Nope none of that”, Amelia laughed.

Later on that day I was asked to give Amelia a document sent to her by her own brother who was working with the president. I walked quickly to her office and opened the door without knocking, though I really should had.

“I’m sorry for interrupting but it’s urgent.”

I saw the look in my boss’s eyes. They were remorseful and beautiful on the brim of gentle happiness. It looked like she was going to cry tears of joy. She looked up to me, handed me a can of Coca-Cola and smiled, taking the document.

“______, you wanna go to lunch with moi?”

“I already brought something, sorry.”

“No!! Come to lunch with me!”

“It’s not lunch time yet.”

“Then how about a break?”

This sort of thing began happening regularly. It was starting to creep me out a bit.

EX #1

“______, come to the meeting room for a sec.”

“Is it about work?”


“______, wanna coke?”

“No thanks…”


“______! Toilet break!”


And the next time it was no different.

“______ …”

“Would you quit it!? What do you want from me?!”

She laughed and walked beside me. “Oh, you’re angry?”

Of course I’m angry. Please, take a hint!”

She rubbed the back of her neck and chuckled. “Why’re you so stubborn?”

“I have my reasons.”

“Reasons? Okay, I know I’m not the best with mind games but it’s not
like I’m trying to hit you or anything. Why don’t you trust me~?”

I sighed and looked at her, avoiding eye contact once again. “I didn’t say that I don’t.”

“Oh? In that case, will you go to lunch with me just once?”

“Fine….” I knew I was going to regret this eventually.

Kentucky the eavesdrop snickered to Amelia. “You guys are eating together? That’s weird.”

Texas laughed. “That is weird.”

Amelia gave her signature laugh and shooed them off. “You guys aren’t invited. Today is a party for two.”

We left to a local sushi bar afterword’s. I was expecting a McDonalds but of course she wanted to surprise me yet again with another one of her foolish tricks. I was the dumbass who wanted to trail along.

“We’ll both take a Coke, please”, Amelia smiled at the waitress. “Oh and a California roll, a Naruto roll, and a Boston and Alaska roll… Oh! And pretty much any roll that has the name of a state please”, she concluded.

The Japanese woman gave a laugh and thanked her.

Soon, Amelia turned to me and as usual, I tried to keep my eyes busy on something else. I focused on the 25 cent ring on her right hand with the American Flag decorated on the top. I could see her frown from the corner of my eyes. She groaned.

“Is there something on my hand or anything?” She inspected herself quickly.

I looked to her and smiled, trying to clear the
confusion. “No, I was just looking at your ring. It’s pretty.”

“Oh thanks…” she smiled. There was silence. “You know, ______... you don’t meet my eyes when you talk. And when I don’t look at you, you look at me.”

“No”, I laughed. “I don’t do that.”

“You say that but you still aren’t looking at me.” She sighed
for once. “I wonder if you’re self-conscious.”

Me? If I’m self-conscious, then you’re hyper-conscious.”

“N-No I’m not”, she laughed in embarrassment.

We left the restaurant soon afterword’s and returned to work. As we walked to our building a few blocks away, we each gave our share of how good the food was and which “American Roll” we liked best.

“Thank you once again for treating me. It was really nice of you.”

“Nah, I forced you to come along anyways”, she laughed. “You take the train home at all?”

“Yeah, today I’ll be taking it.”

“Then let’s take the rest of the day off!”

I chuckled. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. My place isn’t far from here. Why don’t you come over?”

“Um… I…”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the subway. “Come on, let’s go!”

As we made our way into the crowded subway area, I couldn’t help but be somewhat annoyed. We made a few wrong stops, got on the wrong busses and had to ask for directions a few times before it certainly became clear that we had NO IDEA where we were going. She laughed and patted my head.

“Sorry for dragging you out here when you didn’t want to
come. Next time we’ll bring the rest of the gang.”

“… … Okay.”

Amelia was taken back by my remorse and somber statement. “Dude, are you okay?” She lifted my chin to see my pink cheeks look back at her beautiful blue eyes.

I grabbed her wrists and pried them off. “Let g—“

Then our lips touched.
YES PART THREE!!! With a new picture :3

Hope you all liked it~!

Part 2: [link]
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