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December 8, 2012
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Feliciano X Sister!Reader X Romano
A Promise We Made

“It all started with a promise…. A promise I will never forget”, you cried.

“Oh how so”, you mother glared, with an impatient look on her face. You were
18 years old, still in high school with your 20 year old brother Romano and your
younger 17 year old brother Feliciano. The three of you were always close. However,
you didn’t look quite like your brothers. Their hair was different from yours
along with their personalities. But still you guys were similar. At times you
wondered if you were adopted but no, they were actually your brothers. And that
lady in front of you with the snake eyes was your mother… who didn’t look satisfied.

“Like it matters to you, idiota! How about you go bother somebody else for once.
A promise is a promise”, Romano snapped to your father in the other room who
was doing the same investigating as your mother. Feliciano was also there
beside him, hiding behind him for cover.

“And what was this promise”, he asked more calm and gentler than ‘mom’.

“Remember when __________ came home after school all beat up? Well she didn’t
have an “accident’ like she said she did. She was abused! It took me awhile to
force it out of her but she ended up telling me that a few of the kids at her
school were messing with her. Good thing I came in and took care of
things”, he replied flexing his muscles.

“And Feliciano, I can’t believe you… At only 14 years old?!
What were you thinking?! You should know better damn it”, your father scolded.

“I-I’m sorry papā but… a promise is a promise”, he bravely spoke. Romano nodded
his head in agreement. “I was picked on too. They were all after the money
Grandpa Rome gave us… Can’t you see?”

“We wanted to know what it was like to actually be loved”, you raised your voice
to your mother in the other room with defiance. “I, Feliciano and even Romano
never were loved. We never had dates, and never had anyone to treat us like
we were special!”

“Don’t you DARE—“

“No mom! You don’t know what it was like! Romano was the only one
who cared! When I went to you and cried, all you did was tell me to suck it up!”


“Romano was the only one who stood up for us…
and even then all we had was each other… “

“This has gone for far too long!”

“So what if it did!? Can’t you see that now I’m happier than
I ever was before!? Can’t you just be happy with that…?”

You barged out of the room, wiping your tears and traveled to the basement of
your home as you mother cursed you out from behind. You stayed in the dark so
no one would find you. The only person you could think of looking for you
down here was Feliciano or Romano but you knew they were busy as well. Moments
later you heard someone running down the steps and soon wrapping you in a
sad embrace, as liquid droplets hit your shoulder.

“Feli! Are you okay”, you asked him as you wiped his tears in Italian. He
was crying as usual. Even though he’s seventeen now he was always so
fragile and timid. You could only blame the world for that.

“Papā is so scary”, he fidgeted. “No one wants to listen to Romano
either… I don’t want us to be separated”, he vainly stated as he
continued wiping his tears.

“W-What do you mean ‘separated’.” How pathetic did you look right now?
You didn’t know.... To stop his tears, you cupped your younger brother’s
cheek in the palm of your hand and kissed him gently on the lips.

“I’m here for you okay… I made that promise with
you and never once broken it… remember”, you assured him.

“W-Well mama doesn’t like it. M-Maybe we should stop—“

“Are you serious?! Feliciano, in the last three years
weren’t you happier than ever before?!”

“Yeah but—“

“So why do you want to end it?!”

“Because dad said he’ll throw me in the orphanage if
we continue like things are now! He’s going to separate us!!”

“Hey”, you hushed him. “I’m sorry I yelled… Daddy would never
do that to us… You know he loves us.”

“That’s what I thought… I hate it here…”, he cried again as he clutched onto you.

You heard more footsteps coming downstairs and saw a tall brunette figure make
his way down. It was Romano but even his face looked deeply angered. You
ran up to him quickly as he gave you a kiss on your forehead.
“Roma, what’s wrong?”

He looked away from you as his hands clenched. In a flash, he punched
the wall and grunted. “That bastardo has gone loco! He wants to send
us to some other family!”

“That can’t be true!! Dad would never—“

“Well ya gotta stop being such a stupid idiot, okay __________?! He doesn’t
want to kick you out. He wants us out of the picture…” Romano concluded as
he pointed to himself and Feliciano.

“That can’t be… He can’t do that”, you sobbed quietly as if you’ve given up
hope. You sat down on the dusty cold floor and cried as you held Feliciano
close to you. Romano crouched down and looked at you both. “Hey, stop crying
will ya. It’s not going to end like this. We made a promise, didn’t we?
Don’t you both remember that promise?”

“S-Si”, Feli sniffled and you nodded you head.

“We made a promise that we would always take care of
each other in whatever way we need, right?”

“Right”, Feliciano and you spoke together.

“And because of that I promised to love you both with all my heart.
I’m not gonna let some old’a person get the best of me! Ti amo… Both of you.”

“I-I love you too fratello”, Feliciano
managed to smile as he gave him a tight hug.

“E-Enough of the hugging! We’re going to be fine. Just leave it to me.”

“Okay”, was all you could say but with a hopeful smile. “But what do we do now?”

“ Live with it”, he answered firmly. “And if they don’t like
it then who cares if they call the police! I’ll go where ever you go.”

He kissed you warmly, thrusting his tongue into your mouth almost immediately.
On impulse you began running your fingers through his hair, careful not to
touch his precious long curl on the side of his head. Feliciano, who was regaining
his confidence, giggled and took off his shirt. The basement grew terribly hot
during the summer time and already the three of you were sweating.

“It’s really hot in here”, Feli sighed as he tossed his clothes somewhere.

“No duh you stupid fratello! What were you e—“

“Roma, be nice to him! Geez you sure can talk”, you laughed.
In return you big brother sighed and released his steam by kissing you roughly.

Feliciano kneeled down and rubbed Romano’s member with his right hand tenderly
from outside his pants. Finding this rather difficult, he unbuttoned his older
brother’s pants and placed his sweaty hand inside and began rubbing. Romano
yelped to the wetness but the sensation only turned him on even more. Meanwhile
with you he laid you across the floor and sent kisses to all your sensitive
places as roughly as possible without hurting you.

You gasped and breathed heavier to the sensation of it, pulling on his hair
a bit rougher as the both of you forcefully kissed.  By accident your fingers
stroked his curl and almost immediately he bucked his hips into you.  
“__________, you’re not going to be able to walk if you keep doing that”, he smirked.

“My turn”, Feli chirped as he pushed his brother off and came on top of you.
He gave you a winning white smile as he caressed your cheek. “Ciao~”

You giggled a little before answering back cutely “Ciao~”.  He was very cute
and sweet anyways. Finding it your job as a big sister to him, you toyed
with his unusual curl as he winced to the touch of it.

“T-That kind of tickles”, he blushed. “You know I—Ah!”

You looked to your side to see a shirtless Romano pumping Feli's erect
member intensely.  Feliciano instantly started growing weak as you saw it
best to give him some pleasure as well. You nipped and sucked on his strawberry
pink nipple while also giving occasional long strokes of your tongue on his
frail neck. He moaned to the hot sensation he we feeling before he started
dripping in precum.

“That’s what you get fratello! I’m going to make you enjoy this”,
Romano spoke roughly into his ear.

“R-Roma--”, he moaned in an almost feminine and shota like way.
Gosh he was so adorable.

You took off your pants and shirt when you yourself started sweating
“Damn, it’s way too hot.”

“You just noticed, ___________? Wow you’re slow in the head”

You smirked at Romano and his comments before you made your way to
Feliciano and pulled on his curl. The look on his face as he gazed
upon you made your stomach do flips.

“__-______! Ah—I’m gonna--!” he moaned loudly as he began to reach his limit.
You quickly kissed him to hide his intense and dirty noises. He cummed on your
stomach as he panted heavily. The hot and sticky substance made your face go
crimson as Romano grinned in pleasure.

Your younger brother collapsed as he panted on top of you.
“Mi dispiace. I’m sorry sorella.”

You smiled and stroked his hair. “Are you
tired already, Feli? We can stop if you want.”

“N-No! I want to continue! Please don’t stop”, he pleaded.
He wanted this as much as you did.

You laid your younger brother down before grabbing onto Felicano’s member
started licking around the tip. He gasped and moaned as soon as you began.
Romano meanwhile made his way towards you and hovered over you, as he played
with your breasts.

“Be prepared, ____________.”

“Stupid”, you playfully scolded as you withdrew
the throbbing member from your mouth.

Romano had a well-built chest but… he just looked so ridiculous with that
rape face that it made you laugh. You gazed over to Feli who looked at you
with the cutest and more sympathetic smile ever! You kissed him and thrust
your tongue in gently as he did to you. As the both of you played
tongue-of-war, Romano entered a finger into your woman hood.

You panted and released your tension with Feliciano to breathe. Feli smirked
and nibbled on your ea rplayfully. “You look cute, ___________. Ti amo”, he
breathed huskily as he continued telling you sweet nothings in Italian.

“A-Ah… F-Feli…. Roma….” You blushed furiously.

Soon two mroe fingers entered you causing a discomfort as he scissor his
joints to spread your insides. It was soon released with a drooling
pleasure. “R-Romano, p-please… ah…. M-more!”

Your big brother pumped his fingers inside of you hitting your walls
with pleasure. You could feel it in your body. It was quick and hard;
just how you liked it.

“Maybe I can help”, you little brother smirked as he began sucking on your
chest. He licked, nipped, tugged, twisted, and sucked in a motion that made
you cum on the spot. All of this felt all so right. Romano and Feliciano
were the only real good people in your life. And it would stay like that forever….

“I love you… Both of you…T-Thank you for being there for me….”

“Si… I don’t want to be away from you all ever!”

“Same here… Ti amo…………. With all my heart.”

~The End~
Well this idea was inspired by a confession picture I saw here ---> [link]

I'm so glad I pressed on it... And I'm glad you clicked here~!!! >W<

If I messed up with the names, please let me know~ This is another verison on a America and Canada fan-fic

If you like Canada and America better than press here ---> [link]

If you like Germany and Prussia better than press here ---> [link]
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c-could you do one with icelabd and greece? *blush*
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