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May 23, 2013
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England X Reader: Much Different in Person

You looked to Arthur with a look of surprise when he presented you a meal of a classic chicken cutlet, French fries and a huge bottle of sprite. You eyed the food that was so perfectly placed on the table and then back at him. It looked good. From the smell to even the way it was presented, not a spot of burnt meat was placed.

“What is it?” He looked to you with concern.

You shook your head and began to eat. “Nothing. It just looks really good.”

He laughed as he sat himself down. “Ha-ha, good thing I don’t cook as bad as my character.”

That’s right…

On YouTube, TV, Deviantart, and even, news of the Hetalia nations were widespread. From their daring personalities to their simple means of racial foolery, you and everyone who watched was hooked. Your biggest crush was Arthur Kirkland, known as Britain or even England. From the way he acted on TV you were certainly convinced that he was the true personification of the country. Unfortunately, as you began dating the guy who at first turned on the ladies charm of the British Hetalia country, you began to realize that the Arthur you fell in love with from the start wasn’t even a country. He wasn’t even England… just Arthur, a normal actor who just got the role of a country in the Hit Anime Series: Hetalia.

The true Arthur Kirkland was a good cook who could handle his liquor pretty well. He wasn’t cynical or had a bad mouth. He was friendly and charming and he constantly reassured you that he can’t summon people or talk to magical creatures. One of the biggest differences was that he wasn’t even British. His bushy eyebrows was just extra makeup. Actually, his eyebrows were thin and neatly trimmed.

He shared a lot of similarities with his character though.  He had that classic British charm and used it when he wanted to get on your good side, pulling on the accent and asking you if you wanted to “share a pint of ale” with him. He was 23, with you being 21 living with him in his pent-house New York City.

In his perfect imitation of a British accent he smiled to you. “Do you like it, love?” He liked to pretend he was British, even if he wasn’t.

You chuckled and replied with a British accent of your own. “Yes England, it’s really good. At least it doesn’t taste like petrified couch stuffing.”

He laughed. “Just be happy it’s better than America’s intake of fast-food industries.”

After dinner, Arthur began cleaning his glasses. Black frames which fit him perfectly, you were surprised when you saw him in them. Apparently he’s near-sighted and wore contacts when he was acting. He took out a video game and chooses one he thought right as you cleaned up the kitchen. Today seemed like a Soul Caliber VI day as he placed the game in his XBOX and placed a headset over his head. You looked over at Arthur who was fiddling with his games. He was a bit of a mellow adult with a child-like personality. He loved fantasy and generally a social person. It was hard to believe he played a character that was so isolated and moody.

“Arthur, are you playing with flying mint bunny”, you chuckled.

“No”, he laughed. “I’m about to play Soul Caliber with Francis. Did you want to play?”

Even more, the phony Englishman was good friends with Francis. Even though you had been his girlfriend for about 2 years, it still surprised you to find how different he was then what he had seemed. He was more of the punk England you saw on Tumbler.

“Sure, but I’m cleaning the kitchen right now.”

He stopped setting up everything and paused. “Oh, I’m so
sorry, love”, he apologized. “I’ll help you.”

He walked into the kitchen and gave you a hot kiss to the
neck. “Maybe you can forgive a former pirate, lass?”

“Aye, perhaps”, you smirked. Arthur was just so much fun to be with. Every day was something new. You and him spent the next five minutes cleaning up the stuff from dinner and smiled.

“______...?” He spoke out of his British accent.

“Yeah, Art?”

“Tell me something. Do you like it better when I’m like this…”

“You meaning helping?”

He chuckled at your simple humor. “Nooo. I mean when I’m Britain.”

You looked to him and paused, looking at his bright emerald eyes which was turned into a forest green from his depressed expression. He tried to remain positive but it was easy to tell he was self-cautious.

You came up to him with a smile. “Arthur Kirkland, I love
you even more than Britain itself!”

He looked surprised. “Do you mean it?”

“It would be boring if you were just England. Since he is like my favorite character of course I enjoy you dropping lines in from time to time, but this you”, you put your hands on his chest and massaged his body, leaning in closer with a suggestive smirk, “the real Arthur Kirkland, is much better.” You planted a kiss to his neck, as your fingers tangled in his blonde hair.

“My-My, are we going to start this now, love”, he grinned as he pushed you closer to him, bringing back his English accent.

Doing the same you removed his glasses. “In the name of the queen, we most certainly are.”
Another one of these done~!! I hope you like it everyone :3

Alfred's story: [link]
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I LOOOVVEEE THIS! This is truly a unique idea! I really am shocked someone came up with this brilliant idea! :) I mean, I've read about a billion story's on hetalia. Not one, mind you one, have I read that was like this. If you couldn't tell, I love it! Who could think up Arthur Kirkland just being an actor, who imitates a British accent, and lives in New York?!?!? This is spellbinding :)
The way you write is wundebar! It's detailed, and keeps the reader interested. From the very first sentence I was captured into this story! Actually all of your story's do that for me! :3

Please continue writing!
p.s. soul caliber rules!
What do you think?
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70 out of 70 deviants thought this was fair.

Of all the stories I have read, this is by far one of the higher ranked ones. I thoroughly enjoyed this, from start to finish.

The idea of starting the fanfiction with something that the character wouldn't be able to do is a brilliant way of capturing the reader's attention. Then, continuing on and punching a hole in the 'fourth wall' by bringing a real-word instance into the fictional world is another amazing way to keep the reader's attention.

Your grammar is swell, mistakes and misspellings are kept at a very bare minimum. Your descriptive words are used properly and nothing seems out of place. Your paragraphs are well structured, and not choppy in the least bit. It's a great way to keep the flow of the story continuing.

An intriguing thought of an Arthur, not-English, living in New York, liking video games, and even being a playful person is something that not a lot of people would think of. Even making him friends with Francis!

Overall, it is a well constructed story with many surprises and shocking things- one that doesn't drag on or rush things. Great work! c:
What do you think?
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iggysscones123 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
At first  read  the first paragraph I was like heartbroken and like 'hetalia every thing I know about hetalia is a complete lie ' 


But then I read on and I was like awwww this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read and its so kawaii
But still heart broken
Anyways great job   
chocolatefangirl Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
OMGGG!! I really love this story!!! good job!! :happybounce: 
hetaliaireland15 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
O//////////////////O oh god .............*thinks for a minute * !!!!!!!!!!!!! hell no I just did not start a sexual thing.....................did I????
shigurefan101 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
lovekitsunenaru Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMGOODNISS i loved it it was so cute i really like how u did that =)
sunshine893 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I really like the simple humor and sense of joy. Keep up the good work and do another please.
Oresama401 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
I can handle that he isn't, but the eyebrows are FAKE?!?! 
Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2]  I can't handle the truth *faints*
Elisavetaawesome12 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Very well written and the plot is very good, I would see this Arthur as the normal everyday man and can okay I ran out of proper things to say. Very lovely story!
Yoru-Sasayaki Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013   General Artist
I absolutely LOVE this story! It is a whole new twist to Hetalia and anime fanfics in general. I love the fact that you showed that, while people aren't always as they seem to be, their true self can be so much more that you could have wanted. :D

BRAVO! :iconclapplz:

P.S. PLEASE, keep writing!!! I would love to see a version for each character! Especially the other Allies and the Axis Powers. :heart:
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