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November 17, 2012
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“You lost the bet Feliciano!” Romano laughed as he gave one of his signature
evil like grins. Feliciano shuddered at the looks of his older brother and cried.
“But I don’t want to give up Pookie! She’s so nice and fluffy”, he whined.

“Well that’s-a too bad fratello ! And stop calling her Pookie!
That’s a stupid name for a cat!”

“Then what name do you wanna give her, Romano?”

Romano paused and thought about it for a bit. Several Italian
names had popped into his head but each of them didn’t seem to suite you.

“Let’s name her PASTA—“

“NO! IDIOTO! Let’s just keep it simple and name-a her __________.”

“Hm…. Si~ I like that-a name~!”

“Of course it’s a good name! I picked it out!”

Feliciano gazed over at you with sad eyes. You were a small little kitty
called Pookie by Feliciano. Originally you were a test cat at Germany’s place
till Feliciano rescued you from that horrible area (though you were kind of
spaced out to sense any danger). Italy always had good food for you to eat and
a comfy bed to lay on. You wondered what was wrong and let out a confused ‘mew’.

“Aww Pook—I mean ___________. You’re going to live with big brother Romano, okay?
Make sure to grow big and healthy", Italy smiled but frowned before handing
you over to his brother, whom took you gladly.

Up in the sky, it was dark and filled with stars. You gazed upon
them and quickly caught eye on a shooting star. You didn’t want to see Italy
upset. With that wish you let out a big ‘meeeeeeeeeeew’ and wished to be able to
say your feelings so that Italy could understand. As the star passed, you didn’t
feel any different. You mentally sighed as Romano placed you down as he argued
with his younger brother.  

The next moment after that though, you felt changes in your limbs and joints.
They expanded and well as your skin and all your brown fur was disappearing into
human flesh. You watched the transformation yourself, not noticing that the
Vargas brothers were watching you as well… until they were met face to face
with a beautiful… human… and naked… Pookie….

“WHAT THE CRAPOLI IS GOING ON-A HERE?!” *insert-nosebleed-here*


“Hmmm? I-I can speak-nya!”

Ah yes~ Yet another story I'm posting ^^
Pookie~ What a cute cat name ^^

I hope you enjoed it >w<
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I assure you there is a perfectly logical explanation for this. 
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Aww this is so cute! Oh Romano I can so imagine you doing this and feli's probably blushing,stuttering and freaking out lol!
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