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Cool&Shy Reader X China

Walking out of her mother’s car of the New York City streets was no other than __________ with her thick black heeled boots with buckles, black leggings, a ruffled gothic skirt, a black scarf, and a dark colored long sleeved shirt. From the way she had appeared, it would seem she was either gothic or very emotional. That was usually the first inference anyone got from her. She wore dark makeup with vibrant tints along with some sparkly skin rhinestones to add some flair. Her hair was cut in a similar spunky style which suited her face perfectly. __________ had looked so out of place that it was hard to tell whether she was a model, or rebel on the street.

__________ looked back into the car putting on her (color) messenger bag. She gave a cheerful smile to her mother who gently smiled back to her. The mother looked nice as well. She on the other hand, looked far more elegant than her daughter and more of a manager of a first class designer store. “Love you mom, drive home safe okay?”

Her mother smiled as her hands played with the leather weal of the car. “Same thing goes for you honey. Remember to call me every hour. You don’t want me worrying about you do—“
“I know mom. I’ll be fine. Trust me more”, she laughed. “I’m just going shopping with (best friend). I’ll meet you here by 6:00 sharp as promised.”

         “Okay. I love you baby. Be safe”, she warned again before leaning
          over to kiss her daughter’s cheek.

“Love you too, mom”, was the last thing she said before her mother drove away. With a smile on __________’s face, she continued her journey to meet up with her friend. They were supposed to meet up in a store titled “Candy Apple” which frankly she had no idea where that was. She took out her phone and called (best friend) quickly, trying not to seem lost in front of all the people starring at her.

Unfortunately, her phone rang in her ear like a siren. As she looked down to investigate the cause, it had plainly stated “No Service.”

“No service?! In the middle of New York City?! You gotta be kiddin’ me”, she mentally hissed. That didn’t stop her from trying though. Following her gut, she made a right and crossed the nearest street making her way into a corner store. In there was a bunch of foreign labels and snacks she’s never seen before.

         “I must be in the Chinese Neighborhood… China town, maybe?”

Looking around she noticed a girl with shoulder length hair tied in a ponytail with her back facing her. Her clothes looked a bit baggy and expensive along with its multiple designer brand labels and popular demands. __________ looked at her in awe. She wished she had hair that smooth and fair. It naturally shined under the lights of the store. It looked like she was going to buy some Chinese marble soda like the ones you see in Japan.
Curious on what this figure looked like up front and eager to make a new friend, she approached her cautiously. Inside, her mind went heavy and her nerves spiked up.

__________ could already feel the changes in her throat. She was certain that if she spoke her voice would make a cracking high pitched squeak. __________ sighed and decided to approach her from behind.

         Gathering all her nerves, she spoke a little softer than
         usual “Were you looking to buy anything?”

The girl jumped a bit, startled at __________’s presence. She turned only to show a face of a more masculine individual. “Oh yes. By any chance do you work here”, he asked politely.

__________ blushed slightly at her mistake in judgment. She had already made it this far and was too stubborn to quit now. She shook her head and slightly laughed. “No I don’t, but I just saw you looking at the drinks for a while so I thought you might needed help.”

“Oh thanks! I was trying to see which one of these would taste better. The strawberry one or the original one”, he smiled widely as he held the two drinks with their foreign labels. “You can read those”, she asked him. “Oh by the way, I’m __________”, she continued as she raised a hand to meet his in a professional way.  

“I’m Yao. It’s nice to meet you. And about the label, yes I can read them. Chinese is my first language”, he gently smiled as he firmly shook her hand. Yao was slightly taken back by this girl’s interest in him and her personality. She acted much different than from how she looked. He mentally scolded himself for disregarding his own advice to never judge a book by its cover.

         As they parted, __________ looked at the two flavors.
         “Well, have you ever tried them?”

         “I’ve tried the original but not the strawberry. Though
          I heard it’s really good.”

         “Depends then. How much are they”, she asked in curiosity.

         “2.50 each. Not bad but still, I don’t want to buy something I don’t
           like”, he sighed.

          “Well if that’s the case then you should stick to the one you like.
           That way you’re not wasting your money and you already know you’ll
            like it”, she smiled.

        “That’s probably best. Thank you… __________ is your name, correct?”

         “Yes it is”, she piped.

      “__________... what a nice name”, he thought. “It suites her…”

Yao snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her with a grin. “Thank you.”  Yao turned his back towards her and made his way to the register. He turned his head to her as he put his things down. “Oh and I like your style”, he added with a sporty wink.

As __________’s face went through many stages of pink, she smiled and said thanked him. As she made her way out of the store she thought about grabbing his number before she left. He was really kind and this may be the last time they see each other. Then again, he was a stranger and they had only met today.  __________ took a deep breath and waited for Yao to finish buying his drink.  As Yao grabbed his merchandise he saw how she stood outside the shop doors looking at him with a smile. “Hmm? Were you going to get anything too”, he asked. His voice asked for an explanation and with that __________ nervously smiled again.

“I-I just thought that maybe you might want to exchange numbers with me”, she blurted out in rambles that made it a little difficult to understand even in plain English.

Yao looked at her phone and then up at her. He thought for a second before smiling. “Sure, I would love too. But you have to give me your number first”, he grinned.

“U-Um… …”

It’s not like he really wanted to get her number first. Yao was smart when it came to people. He wanted to test something. He wanted to test how much this girl had trusted him. Only trust – as what he had learned—can be a balanced foundation for a friendship. If she had refused to give her number first thinking that he’d run away with it, then this relationship wouldn’t work. Yao though, wanted it to. In such a short time, he had already wanted to know more about this girl. He wanted to go under that rough punk like exterior she had. “Please say yes” , he mentally pleaded.

“Sure”, she spoke giving another one of those smiles to hide her nervous tone.
A sigh of relief spread throughout Yao as he took out his cellphone. He could tell she was timid and maybe a little taciturn at heart. He thought it was cute though and thought of it as a leap of faith. Faith in him.

As the two exchanged numbers Yao grinned once again. __________’s confidence seemed intimidated by his own. Before she could try to hide her nerves with another smile, Yao laughed slightly. “You’re cute. Are you doing anything right now?”

Her ringtone resounded at that moment, causing her to jump a bit. Startled that there was even service here, she looked at the screen to find her best friend calling her. “One moment”, she excused as she picked up her phone.

    “Hey __________. I’m sorry but I’m going to be a little. Like by about a half hour. Will you be okay?”

    “Yeah sure”, she replied into her cellphone with a slight grin.

    “Okay so in front of Candy Apple then, alright?”

    “C-Candy Apple… See, I don’t know where—“

Yao interrupted her train of thought and whispered generously, “I can take you there if you like.”

__________ smiled brightly and quickly added “Oh never mind. I see it (best friend). Okay I’ll meet you there.”

“Alright. See ya later girl”, her friend signed off before hanging up.

As she put away her phone she grinned at him. “Thank you, you’re a big help. I have a half hour so maybe we can do something. As long as it’s not too far from where I need to be”, she explained trustfully.

“Understood. How about I take you out to eat? I know some pretty good restur—“

“H-hey now! You don’t need to spend your money on me. How about we go window shopping and take a walk. Sound good”, she nervously smiled…. Again….

Yao chuckled and grabbed one of her hands. “Let’s go then”, he rushed almost causing __________ to drop her phone. She laughed and caught up close behind. After making a few turns and crossing a few streets, he slowed down looking at __________ gasp a bit for air. He smiled down at her and called her to look in front of her. As she gazed up she saw the Candy Apple shop in front of her own eyes.

“That’s where you need to be, right?”

“Yes thank you”, __________ looked in surprise.

Nearby were tons of street sellers with perfumes, fruit, and little small toys and accessories. __________ looked over at them in awe and impulsively walked up to one of the fruit sellers. She hadn’t eaten in while so maybe some fruit would be bad. “Ugh I could use some (fruit) right now”, she sighed as she dug in her messenger bag for some cash.

“I’ll take two (fruit) please”, Yao asked the man with a winsome smile. He was getting the same fruit she was! She gazed over at him as he paid for the food and walked over to her. __________ quickly tried to make it seem like she hadn’t noticed but Yao was already aware. He smiled at her cuteness and leisurely made his way to her.

“__________, want some fruit”, he playfully asked.

“Huh? Oh no thank you! I already told you I don’t want you spending money on m—“
“I already bought it for you, so take it. It’s no problem, Qíngrén.” Once again he pulled one of his charming smiles as he handed her the fruit.

“What does that mean”, she asked curiously.

“It means…. Sweetheart”, he slightly chuckled. “It kind of sounds lame when you know the translation.”

“N-No not at all! I’m flattered… Thanks”, he concluded to remove some of the awkward tension. This only brought more though. Yao had never been this close to another girl before, besides his childhood friend from Taiwan. Other than her, Yao had no personal experience with girls before. At the moment her was treating her like a sister, which greatly came to his benefits. However, he greatly wanted to consider __________ as something much more.  __________ thought he was kind and caring but also she was nervous. Nervous on what he might think of her. Nervous of how far Yao would flatter her. Nervous on how much she wanted to be flattered. And lastly and most importantly concerned on her feelings for him.

“You’re welcome. It’s true but I want to know more about
you”, Yao continued the conversation.

“About me?”

He gave a nod. “Where are you from first of all?”

“I’m from (hometown). I just came here to see a friend of mine. And what about you?”

“China is where I was born but I came here when I turned 10. I like it here. It’s a bit noisy but I’m used to it. There’s a lot of people you can meet as well.”

“That’s true. Well I’m glad you like it here. Is there anything you do on days like this, besides talking to strangers like me at convenience stores”, she smirked.

“I do not! And you were the one who came up to me”, Yao laughed. “Well on days like this I usually like to explore the city and bring back something interesting. Then theirs martial arts that I take on the weekend”, he sighed.

“Sounds fun! So you like must have some mad skills
or something”, she laughed a bit too loudly.  

Yao gazed at her and laughed a bit too. He liked her smile and her laugh… It was confident and pure. That was something her liked about her. __________ looked at Yao and the general public staring at her. She coughed and apologized. “Sorry that was forward of me”, she said embarrassed.

Yao grabbed her open hand with a smile. “Do I amuse you”, he smirked at her as their intertwined hands gently swung at their sides. __________’s eyes widened at his equally mischievous curl of his lips to the alluring color of his eyes. They were a very beautiful autumn brown. She loved them.

“Yes you do”, he spoke unserious like. But in
all honesty she was being extremely candid.  

He leaned in and nuzzled against her neck. “Your so cute I want to take you home”, he chuckled as his warm breath met from under her black scarf. Her face turned crimson as she stood almost perfectly still. Surprisingly she wasn’t nervous anymore but instead, calm and happy. Besides, Yao felt comfortable at her side and equally she felt the same.

“Well sorry to burst your bubble mister”, __________ smiled
back. “But there’s still things I wanna ask you.”

“Ask me anything!”

“What’s your last name?”

“Jackie Chan.”


“It’s Wang”, he laughed.

“Okay, your favorite food?”

“Tell me yours first.”

“Well I like (favorite food). I like that best”, she grinned.

“Hmm that’s alright. But dumplings and seafood pasta!
Those are good”, he smiled as he imagined his delicious cuisine.

“Favorite color?”

“Don’t have one. But I suppose I like Red and Gold.”

“The colors of the Chinese flag?”



“Probably older than you __________”, he laughed.

“C’mon tell me. If you tell me than I’ll say mine!”

“4,000 years old.”

“Haha funny, now tell me your age!”

“I’m not lying!!”

“Yeah suuuure.”

“Okay I have a question for you.”

“What is that”, she asked him confused.

“Will you do this again with me”, he softly asked as he held her hand tightly as his brown eyes looked into her (e/c) ones. She blushed once again and made another awkward nervous smile.

“I-I would love to Yao”, she spoke up with a laugh.

Yao leaned in closer with a calm and content expression on his face. The way his hair fell so perfectly on his shoulder to the way his eyes brimmed with wanting and charm made her heart flutter. “Then if it’s okay… May I be the one to savor this moment, __________?”

Being only 2 inches away from each other, Yao brought her
closer and lightly smiled. “Wǒ ài nǐ, __________.”

In the next second after those four words, his lips were placed on __________’s in a heartfelt passion. It was brief but all the more memorable. He cupped the back of her neck as she gasped into the kiss. Blood rushed through her head allowing a bright red tint to form on her cheeks.

As they parted Yao could never be prouder. “I translate.
I love you __________. Hopefully I get many more of those from you”, he smirked.

~The End~
Phew~ This took 3 hours to create! XD Hope everyone likes this... So tired... TT^TT
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First of all, I'd like to say I enjoyed this story thoroughly. It's not often you get a quality piece of writing.

First of all, Vision. I know exactly what you wanted to achieve and I can tell you stuck to it, so five out of five. You captured China's personality perfectly, and explored a side of him I love.

Originality. Since a China X Reader is so rare, I gave you four stars. It would be five if not for the fact it's a fanfic and therefore there are hundreds of thousands, but since the storyline and characters in this are so original I moved it up again to 4 1/2 stars.

Technique.... It's very well written, you captivate the audience and your writing style is fantastic. The only problem with your technique is maybe the way you've used third person in this. I think if you're going to use it, either go into more detail with the feelings or use another POV. It doesn't really take away from it though so four and a half shiny little stars from me!

Impact! Overall the story is very sweet and fun to read, and it's nice how you've written it with a kind of casual flair. One little thing nagging at me is the space where you insert the reader's name.
The actual length of the line takes away from the look of the writing and can be a little distracting. I suggest making it shorter, like _____.

I loved it! Work on these little things and you'll be a star writer!

What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
17 out of 17 deviants thought this was fair.

vision : you really captured yao's personality something most people would overlook when writing a fan fic five stars.

originality: there aren't many china x reader fanfics out there i really liked the way you took the original character from Hetalia and put him in an environment that you wouldn't normally see them in.five stars

technique; you had really good ideas i did however have a bit of a problem with the lines for the girls name maybe try something a bit shorter 4 1/2 stars

impact: i thought this story was really, really well done; i read a lot and i belive that it's hard to find a really well written fanfic on deviantart with say china x reader or italy x reader they always seem to over look the smalest of details a really well written story would need like the way you took Yao and made him have a vision : you really captured yao's personality something most people would overlook when writing a fan fic five stars.

originality: there aren't many china x reader fanfics out there i really liked the way you took the original character from Hetalia and put him in an environment that you wouldn't normally see them in.five stars

technique; you had really good ideas i did however have a bit of a problem with the lines for the girls name maybe try something a bit shorter 4 1/2 stars

impact: i thought this story was really, really well done; i read a lot and i believe that it's hard to find a really well written fanfic on deviantart with say china x reader or Italy x reader fanfics they seem to over look the smallest of details like their special personality. you took Yao and gave him his original personality from the manga and anime.great job five stars.

your work is amazing don't let people who don't like your story's or other work get in the way i speak from experience. amazing job over all.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
18 out of 18 deviants thought this was fair.

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I was trying to hide my (invisible) blush when Yao called 'me' his lover (qíng rén)

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I loved it ^^
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I don't normally leave comments on fanfics, but this was incredible. Absolutely amazing! You're someone who knows what they're doing.
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Oh my ... >\\\\\< Yey~! I'm really happy ^w^ thank you so much :3
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