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"Aiya… You want me to count sheep for you?"

"I'm sorry if it's a lot. It's just I can't really sleep….
I would appreciate it a lot if you did but you already have
done so much for me that-"

"Hey now. It's okay. I'm fine with it. I used to do this all the
time for Hong Kong when he was small. It's not problem."


"Yes aru~"

You had traveled all the way to China's house, seeking some
"sleep guidance" since quite frankly you didn't have any "zen" or
some "magic mirror" to help seek some cheap guidance. So Yao was your
only hope right now. You entered his home, which was full of Chinese
artifacts and huge deities platted in Gold.  It was so pretty. You've
been to China's house so often that he even gave you a guest room.
The whole temple smelled like Jade flowers and the night sky shined
with a full moon and sparkling stars.

You put your things away and entered the bed of your guest room.
Behind you, Yao looked a bit confused.

"What's wrong?"

"You didn't want to change into some more comfortable clothing?"

"Oh… um …. I guess I forgot that… S-Sorry…", you spoke embarrassed.

"It's quite alright. I have some sleepwear. I'll be back."

As he left, you stripped your clothes real quick and went into
the guest bathroom, wrapping yourself with a towel. Yao entered
the room once again, seeing your almost nude body wrapped around
a fluffy towel. His face grew red and he looked away quickly,
barging out of the room.

"W-Wait Yao!"

"Don't go do weird things aru… Sorry for intruding…"

"I'm sorry. I should have warned you before you left…"

"Here's your clothes", he said, looking down and placing your
clothes on the ground, which was kept clean regularly.

"Thank you", you spoke as your own face turned as red as
Spain's prize tomatoes.

You slipped into the clothes as China waited outside. It was a very
cute hello kitty t-shirt and pajama shorts. It looked adorable. You
knew Yao had a fetish for hello kitty but not to the fact he had
pajama tops and bottoms with the brand!

"You can come in now Yao… I'm dressed",
you said with a little laugh. But there was no answer.

You peeked outside to see that no one was there. How strange…
You listened closely through the sounds of crickets and night
bugs when you heard a voice. It was smooth and lovely… So nice….
Like a song…

You followed the sound of it till you heard it was the voice of
Yao Wang, the one and only. Being as quite as possible, you
listened to what sounded like a melody …

"Ever since the beginning of heaven and the earth,
countless soldiers spun history by overlapping their lives, aru… … … "

You crept up closer till you saw Yao outside on his deck, looking at
the shinning moon. He wore a light white linen fabric with gold accents.
His hair was out as well, making him look even more attractive. It was
different from his usual uniform.

"Selfishly, I think about my past. How strange~…"

You came closer till you stepped on some lose wood. The sound was a
long creek that quickly got the attention of the Chinese man. He stood
up quickly as if on reflects and turned suddenly to meet with your
surprised face…

"_________ !"

"Y-Yao! I can explain! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you…"

A light blush grew on his face as he put on a amused smile.
"So you heard me singing then?"

"Yes… I'm sorry. Your singing is so pretty though…"

"Ah thank you aru. Come sit next to me."

You walked over to him as he sat down in peace. You sat right next
to him with a smile. You both looked at the full shining white moon…

"This brings back so many memories aru… So so many….
It's so strange yet… It's such a blessing…"

You turned to Yao surprised at his words. Yao has always been
like your teacher, and your mentor. You both had an equal respect
for each other and cared deeply for one another.
He was your best friend.

"Why do you say that", you asked politely.

"When Japan was this small, I used to watch the moon
with him all the time… Just like now…"

China smiled and his eyes sparkled. It was almost like he was
in total bliss. He was caught up in his memories. You wrapped
him a light hug, cuddling around him.

"I guess it is nice", you said with a smile.

Your fingers lightly grazed his back. You could feel the crease
on his skin. Curious on what this was, you felt around a bit more
until you heard a tiny wince from Yao.  

"Aiya ________...."

"W-What's wrong?"

"My back. It's sensitive…."

Soon a whole bunch on thoughts filled your head…
and they were NOT PG-13…

"I-I'm sorry… " you said as your cheek grew all too red.

"I didn't show you did I…?"

"S-Show me what?!"

"Relax. I'm going to right now…"

Slowly, Yao opened the buttons on his shirt and slipped out
of the soft fabric. At first you couldn't look at him straight…
until you saw something shocking…

"Y-You…have a-"

"I know… I got this wound a long time ago…
Yet I remember it like it was yesterday… "

"Who did this to you!? Tell me! My god that's horrible!"
you covered your mouth and stared at it.

Yao looked ashamed at your reaction. "Sorry if it's distracting…"

"N-No… It's not your fault. I still think you're beautiful…"

Suddenly a light blush came to Yao's cheeks…  
"Thank you aru…", he stammered.

You realized why he blushed so hard which made you feel
like a complete idiot. "I'm sorry… I didn't-"

"It's quiet alright… Japan gave me this long ago…
It's part of my history… and with history you have times
of peace and times of violence…. This is what makes the
world go around… Ying and Yang… Good and Evil… Bad and Good…."

Yao gave a smile and slipped on his shirt again. You looked down
at yourself, trying not to be too emotional. You couldn't believe
it… Yao was so wise… so bright… and so peaceful.

"Aiya… Don't make that face. C'mon, lay on my lap.
I'll count sheep for you…"

"Yeah… Thank you", you said, resting your head on his strong lap.
Surprisingly, it was comfortable. Soon the country started counting…

"One sheep… … … Two sheep… … .. Three sheep… … …"

His voice was so calm and pleasant to the ear. You could feel yourself
dozing off already as Yao stroked your hair, teasing the ends. You
assumed he did this because of his fetish for hello kitty… To make
things a bit more pleasant for him you made a soft "mew".

Yao stopped and looked at you a bit surprised.  He gave a
chuckle and said "Now my little Kitty, let's get some rest okay?"


He continued again, counting sheep until you felt
your eyes become drowsy and your muscles relaxed.

"… Forty eight sheep… … … …. Forty nine sheep… … … …Fifty sheep…"

Yao gave a yawn and heard a light snore… You were finally asleep
for once. Yao looked down at you, still stroking your hair and
then gazed up at the night sky…

"Through the grief I have known in this never ending world~…
why is it that, people fight aru…?~... … Regardless of injury,
the time to heal will come soon aru yo~ So leave everything to me-
… … … Let me not sing…. I might wake her up…"

He laid back on the deck and looked up at the sky with a genuine smile…

"Wǎn'ān, my sweet blossom…"
Yey~! I finally got China done aru~! ^w^

Hope you all enjoyed X3

Note: I do NOT own Hetalia (c) but I do own this story line. It is based off of the Hetalia Sleepy Time CD Drama ^W^

See sleepy time with

Prussia: [link]

New Zealand: [link]

Denamark: [link]

England: [link]

America: [link]

Romano: [link]
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