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December 4, 2012
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Canada X Sister!Reader X America
A Promise We Made

“It all started with a promise…. A promise I will never forget”, you cried.

“Oh how so”, you mother glared, with an impatient look on her face. You were
17 years old, still in highschool with your 19 year old brother Alfred and your
younger 16 year old brother Matthew. The three of you were always close. However,
you didn’t look quite like your brothers. Their hair was different from yours
along with their personalities. But still you guys were similair. At times you
wondered if you were adopted but no, they were actually your brothers. And that
lady in front of you with the snake eyes was your mother… who didn’t look satisfyied.

“It started about maybe 3 years ago when __________ was 14. Yeah it was then”,
Alfred nodded to your father in the other room who was doing the same investigating
as your mother. Matthew was also there beside him, cuddling next to his soft
plush bear.

“And what was this promise”, he asked more calm and gentler than ‘mom’.

“Remember how __________ would come home and say she was bullied a lot after
school. Well when I was picking her up from school one day she ran into the car
and slammed the door and started crying. I was like ‘what’s wrong with you sis’?
She didn’t answer me and I just didn’t say anything to her. “

“And Matthew, you were apart of this…? At only 13 years old?!
What were you thinking boy”, your father scolded.

“I-I’m sorry dad but… a promise is a promise”, he bravely spoke. Alfred nodded
his head in agreement. “I was bullied too dad. People made fun of me when they
noticed me and then when I wasn’t noticed I was just left out like a stranger…”

“We wanted to know what it was like to actually be loved”, you raised your
voice to your mother in the other room with definace. “Me and Matthew never
were loved. We never had dates, and never had anyone to treat us
like we were special!”

“Regardless __________, I don’t want you—“

“No mom! You don’t know what it was like! Alfred was the only one
who cared! When I went to you and cried, all you did was tell me to suck it up!”


“Matthew was the only one who knew what it was like…
and Alfred was the only one who cheered us up. “

“This has gone for three years straight!”

“So what if it did!? Can’t you see that now I’m happier than
I ever was before!? Can’t you just be happy with that…?”

You barged out of the room, wiping your tears and traveld to the basement of
your home. You stayed in the dark so no one would find you. The only person you
could think of looking for you down here was Matthew or Alfred but you knew
they were busy as well. Moments later you heard someone running down the
steps and soon wrapping you in a sad embrace, as liquid droplets hit your shoulder.

“Matthew! Are you okay”, you asked him as you wiped his tears. He was crying
as usual. Even though he’s sixteen now he was always so fragile and timid.
You could only blame the world for that.

“I don’t know what their problem is”, he fidgeted. “They don’t get it! No
one does… You’re all I ever needed… Only you and Alfred and no one else”,
he vainly stated as he continued wiping his tears.

“I feel the same way too.” You tried forcing a smile but tears soon came to
your eyes like endless rain. How patheitc did you look right now? You didn’t
know.... You cupped your younger brother’s cheek in the palm of your hand and
kissed him gently on the lips.

“I’m here for you okay… I made that promise with
you and never once broken it… remember?”

“Well that promise seems to be doing us more harm than good. Maybe we should stop—“

“Are you serious?! Matthew, in the last three
years weren’t you happier than ever before?!”

“Yeah but—“

“So why do you want to end it?!”

“Because dad said he’ll throw me in the orphangage if we
continue like things are now! He’s going to separate us!!”

“Hey”, you hushed him. “Daddy would never do that to us… You know he loves us.”

“That’s what I thought… I hate it here…”,
he cried again as he cluthced his plush bear.

You heard more footsteps coming downstairs and saw a tall blonde figure make
his way down. It was Alfred but even his face looked deeply saddnened. You
ran up to him quickly as he gave you a kiss on your forehead.  
“Alfred, what’s wrong?”

He looked away from you as his hands clenched. In a flash, he punched
the wall and grunted. “The old man has gone crazy. He wants us gone.”

“That can’t be true!! Dad would never—“

“Well ya gotta stop being such a daddy’s girl, okay __________?! He doesn’t
want to kick you out. He wants us out of the picture…” Alfred concluded as
he pointed to himself and Matthew.

“That can’t be… He can’t do that”, you sobbed quietly as if you’ve given up
hope. You sat down on the dusty cold floor and cried as you held Matthew close
to you. Alfred croached down and looked at you both. “Hey now both of you,
cut it out. It’s not going to end like this. We made a promise, didn’t we?
Don’t you both remember that promise?”

“Y-Yes”, Matthew sniffled and you nodded you head.

“We made a promise that we would always take care of
each other in whatever way we need, right?”

“Right”, Matthew and you spoke together.

“And because of that I promised to love you both with all my heart.
You’re my whole life in a single heartbeat. I love you two more than anything.”

“I-I love you too Alfred”, Matthew managed to smile as he gave him a tight hug.

“That’s my little man! We’re going to be fine. Just leave it to me.”

“Okay”, was all you could say but with a hopeful smile. “But what do we do now?”

“ Live with it”, he answered firmly. “And if they don’t like
it then who cares if they call the police! I’ll go where ever you go.”

He kissed you warmly, thrusting his tongue into you mouth almost immediantly.
Almost on impulse you began running your fingers through his hair. Matthew,
who was regaining his confidence smirked and took off his sweater. When he
did though he immidiantly jumped onto Alfred for warmth.

“It’s frekin f-f-freezing here!”

“No duh dude! Put your clothes back on”, you reasoned.

“Nah let him strip. Maple boy’s just gonna have to take
them off anyways”, your big brother laughed.

Matthew kneeled down and rubbed Alfred’s member with his right hand tenderly
from outside his pants. Finding this rather difficult, he unbuttoned his older
brother’s pants and placed his cold hand inside and began rubbing. Alfred
yelped to the coldness but the shivering sensation only turned him on even
more. Meanwhile with you he laid you across the floor and sent kisses to
all your sensitive places.

You gasped and breathed heavier to the sensation of it, pulling on his hair
a bit rougher as the both of you forecully kissed. “__________, you’re
beautiful. Amazing even”, he proudly said.

“My turn hooser”, Matthew teased as he pushed Alfred off and came on top of
you. He fixed his voice in a low plaful manner as if he was immitating a
talk show host. “Well hello lady~”

You literally busted out laughing with your little brother before he had
kissed you. He was very cute and sweet anyways. Finding it your job as a big
sister to him, you toyed with his unusal curly strand of hair as he winced
to the touch of it.

“Stop touching my curl”, he laughed. “You know I—Ah!”

You looked to your side to see a shirtless Alfred pumping Matthew’s errect
member rather fast. Matt instantly started growing weak as you saw it best to
give him some pleasure. You nipped and sucked on his strawberry pink nipple
while also giving occational long strokes of your tongue on his frail neck.
He moaned to the hot sensation he we feeling before he started dripping in precum.

“Did you want it faster, Matty”, Alfred asked
him huskliy, whipering softly into his ear.

“Y-Yes please! Oui s'il vous plaît”, he moaned in an almost femine and shota
like way. Gosh he was so adorable.  Matthew has been learning French for a
long time now and has tried to teach you some. You thought maybe you could
learn a thing or two.

You took off your pants and sweater when you yourself
started shivering… “Yo! It’s really cold!”

“You just noticed?”

You smirked at Alfred and his comments before you made your
way to Matthew and pulled on his curl. “Teach me French~!”

“A-Ah! N-Now, _________? I c-can’t!”

“I wanna learn some too”, Alfred laughed. “Oui-Oui un baguette
ohonhonhonhonhon”, he poorly imated before laughing in an burst himself.
He sounded more like a rapist than a french guy but then again….

“If you don’t teach me then Alfred will have to stop and I’ll tug on
your curl some more… or did you want me to mess with it”, you giggled.

“N-Non… That means no…..” , he wimpered.

“Non… Okay I got it~!” You cheered.  “How do you say—“

“This is embarrasing, sis”, he moaned
lightly as Alfred began taking off his pants.

“Oh I got it! Say you love me in french, Matty~! Please~!”

“Je t'aime, __________.  I’ve always had”, he smiled before
pulling you over to him.

“No love for big bro, I get it”, Alfred sarcastically stated.

“N-No Alfred that’s not—“

“No it’s okay bro… I got you… I… I got you…” he
teased as he pretended to have a ‘moment’.

You laughed at the both of them tease one another before you grabbed onto
Matthew’s member and started licking around the tip. He gasped and moaned
as soon as you began. Alfred meanwhile made his way towards you and hovered
over you, as he played with your breats.

“Oh wait. Yo I got the perfect song… I JUST HAD SEX~! AND IT FELT SO GOOD~!”

“Stupid”, you playfully scolded as you withdrew the throbbing member from your mouth.

“Na I’m just playing. I’m get my Ipod from my pants.”  Alfred got up and digged
through his pant pockets till he pulled out his black Ipod touch and played on
blast no other than “Climax by Usher (Nightcore Ver.)”

*BTW You should probably listen to this song about now ;) *

As the song began to play, Alfred started dancing as he lip sinking the worlds
to the song. He had a well built chest but… he just looked so ridiculous right
now that it made you laugh. You gazed over to Matthew who looked at you with
the cutest and more sympathic smile ever! You kissed him and thrusted your
tongue in gently as he did to you. As the both of you played tongue-of-war,
Alfred entered a finger into your woman hood.

You panted and released your tension with Matthew to breathe.
Matthew smirked and nibbled on your ear. “You look cute, ___________~”

“A-Ah… M-Matt….” You blushed furiously.

Soon two mre fingers entered you causing a discomfort as he scissored his
joints to spread your insides. It was soon released with a drooling pleasure.
“A-Alfred, p-please… ah…. M-more!”

“Maybe I can help”, you little brother smirked as he began sucking on your
chest. He licked, nipped, tugged, twisted, and sucked in a motion that made
you want to cum on the spot. All of this felt all so right. Alfred and
Matthew were the only real good people in your life. And it would stay
like that forever….

“I love you… Both of you…T-Thank you for being there for me….”

“Oui… I don’t want to be away from you all ever!”

“Same here… I love you too…………. With all my heart.”

~The End~
Well this idea was inspired by a confession picture I saw here ---> [link]

I'm so glad I pressed on it... And I'm glad you clicked here~!!! >W<

If you like Romano or Feli better then press here --> [link]

If you like Germany or Prussia better then press here ---> [link]
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