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2P!Italy X Germany: Memories According

Dreams are like angels, they keep bad at bay.
Love is the light scaring darkness away.

Feliciano was cooking ravioli and pasta at Ludwig’s house for the third time this week. It didn’t seem harmful bit actually Feli has been having some problems at home. Romano had kicked him out of the house since he claimed that Feli was becoming more and more German by the second. Ludwig allowed him to stay over the night since it wasn’t that big of a deal. However, he couldn’t help but notice how depressed he had been looking over the last few days.

“Do you need any help”, he asked Feliciano, turning away from his book and cleaning his glasses with his shirt. Feliciano didn’t answer right away but replied happily, but not as happy as usual. “No, I’m almost done.”

“You sure? I can set the table for you.”

“No, no! I got it. Don’t worry, okay?”

“Alright…” he gave a sigh and placed his reading book on
the table. “I’m going to take a shower. Call me when dinner is ready.”

“Oki-doki .”

Ludwig peeked in on Feliciano before heading upstairs to the bathroom. He had a depressing smile on his face as he looked at the boiling bowl of pasta. The kitchen would need a good cleaning afterword’s. He didn’t mind that though, he could do it himself. Making his way upstairs, he stripped his clothing and turned on a hot shower as the sun began to set it’s crimson light and fade into the darkness…

Darkness… only darkness…

******  ****** ******* ****** ******

You’ve got my heart in your hand, it burns.
I can’t break it now and from inside I shout loud.

Feliciano placed the hot food on the table and placed two beers on the table from Ludwig’s fridge. He was more of a wine person but he didn’t mind a beer once or twice. After setting the table he lit some candles and traveled upstairs calling Ludwig down to come eat. The splashing of the shower was ceased and the curtains were heard being drawn.
Knowing that Ludwig had heard him, Feliciano made his way to the dining room. He saw his friend’s huge black book which he supposed was the one Ludwig was reading before. From the bookmark left in it, he was more than halfway done with it. Feli picked it up and examined the book. It was the same bookmark that he had given him. On the bookmark the words “Friends Forever”, was written in Italian. He flipped through the book and frowned seeing that it was entirely written in German.

He turned to the front page and read the title. “Mein Kampf.” He’s heard of the book and what it had lead up to. Horrible flashbacks of World War Two echoed in his head. He missed seeing Kiku and their plans to become the most powerful force in the world. However, with power came great sacrifice. It seemed that only Kiku and Ludwig were the only ones against the whole world. Feliciano thought, that a more fitting title would be, “Our Struggle.”

“Feliciano, where did you put my boxers?” Ludwig asked from his room.

“I put them in the third small drawer to the left. I thought
it would make more sense if they had their own spot”, he replied.

“Okay I see them.”

Ludwig was thankful that Feliciano was helping him but there was something about this new Feli that he didn’t like. Before, Ludwig used to wish that Feliciano was less annoying and neat as well as responsible and mature. Right now, that was what he was witnessing. He wasn’t glad but not happy about it either. What had happened to him all of a sudden? Usually when he’s upset, he would cry and complain about it. This was scary.

************** ***********  *********

I’ll protect you from the hooded cloth, keep the vampires from your door.

Ludwig came downstairs and saw Feli put down his book before looking back at him with a smile. “Ready for dinner?”

“Ja… Were you looking at my book?”

Feliciano nodded. “Si. I think the whole world has heard of this book, huh?”

Ludwig frowned and rubbed his temples. “I guess. It’s annoying though that wherever I go if I take out that book people think I’m back to how I was in 1942.”

Feliciano chuckled. “We were all like that… Thirsty… ready
for power… Hungry for blood… We were so foolish back then.”

It took a while for Ludwig to process what Feliciano had just said. He’s never heard that before. Feliciano placed the book back where he found it and came into the dining room. “I’m so hungry I can eat a whole plate of Arthur’s cooking!” Feli laughed.

Ludwig silently followed behind him and took a seat. As usual, Feliciano served him. Ludwig thanked him for the dinner and began to eat. It was a remorse dinner. Feliciano didn’t talk about how great his day was like he usually did and Ludwig didn’t say anything, or even scolded him. It was awkward.

“Feliciano, are you sure you’re doing well? You’re acting different.”

“I am!?” The look he gave seemed that he didn’t notice. “I’m fine!”

“You’re not talking like usual.”

“Oh, I was just thinking about something. It’s not important though—“

“I want to hear it…” Ludwig cut him off and looked at him
seriously. Feliciano felt his heart beat at his cold gaze.

He looked at his German friend and smiled. “Okay.” Feliciano played with his food as he spoke, twirling his pasta in the sauce. “I was just thinking of how we became friends…”

“You mean the pinky promise we made?”

“Not exactly… …” he looked to him, his smile fading. “My boss at the time had big dreams to help the people of Italia. He wanted trade to increase, give jobs to the people, open medical centers… It all seemed so reachable at the time… Me and Romano wanted that too. Everyone did and because of that thought we were so manipulated… We were so… so.. so—“ [1]


“Si… naïve.

****** ******   ******   ********   ********
Europe wake up! Don’t you see your children lined up?

Ludwig took a sip of his beer and nodded. “I don’t blame you. My boss was the same way. Me and mein bruther wanted to make a change for ourselves as well. If you look too much on your desires, you’ll be blinded by the people you hurt to get there.” [2]

Feliciano tried to remain calm. “When we became
friends… you know, in World War One… Did you hate me?”

Ludwig looked at his friend and wondered what had
brought that up all of a sudden. “Why would you say that?”

“B-Because… I had betrayed you. I told you I would be there for you and then I abandoned you… Because of that you had to suffer so much all by yourself…” [3]

Ludwig remembered that perfectly. He wished he could just forget it but it was burned in his head and on his skin like a scar. Scars may fade but they never disappear. “Ja.. I wasn’t fond of it but don’t worry. It was my fault for getting you involved. I understand what was going through your mind. The last thing I want for you anyways is to get hurt.”

“Ludwig… I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine…”

There was a silence as the both of them began eating finally. The food was just a little cold but still very well prepared. There was a bit of a bitter sweet taste to it all. Perhaps it was just the mood that filled the room. It wasn’t something that either of them liked.  It wasn’t talked about but the both of them couldn’t get the horrible images of the war out of their head.

“Oh, I forgot! Where’s Gilbert?”

“He’s out drinking with France and Spain…”

“Oh… Well I think I’ll be heading to bed after this. What do you
think”, Feliciano smiled happily again as he got up from his seat.
He barely ate anything.


*******   **********   ***********   ***********

Deep down inside your throat, somewhere in your guts
I'm searching for your soul but I can't find much

“I’ll sleep on the couch today.” Feliciano said as he
grabbed a spare blanket and pillow with a smile. “Goodnight Lu—“

Ludwig raised an eyebrow. “You never sleep on the couch.
Usually you sleep with me—not that I care or anything…”

“I thought it would be something new. I’ve slept on the couch before, I can do it.”

Ludwig grabbed him by his wrists and pulled him upstairs to his room without saying anything. Feliciano panicked just a bit until he saw the expression on Ludwig’s face. It wasn’t cold, but concerned. It was comforting to know that Ludwig was still his friend.

Feliciano secretly smirked as he was forced into Ludwig’s bed. The both of them changed into sleep wear. It wasn’t strange seeing each other naked since they’ve known each other for so long. Like how two girls aren’t embarrassed when changing in the locker room, it was the same with them. From time to time Feliciano would change elsewhere because he was jealous his friends natural buffness and height. But this night was like any other.

As the both of them laid in bed next to each other. Feliciano clutched to Ludwig for body warmth and rested his eyes. Ludwig had sighed and for once, stroked his hair like a boyfriend would to his girlfriend. Except, this wasn’t their relationship…

As Ludwig closed his eyes and drifted into moments of sleep and awake, he envisioned a man hovering over him with a smirk. If this was the Great Roman Empire again, Ludwig would seriously kick this guy in the balls.

“Germany~…. Heh heh, are you awake~?”

Only a few times had someone called him by his country name. He opened his eyes to see Feliciano over him with a smirk on his face. The Italian’s hands stroked down Ludwig’s legs and inner thigh softly causing him to shiver.

“F-Feli, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, mi amici. I just wanted to talk.”

Of all times this was when he wanted to talk? Feliciano loved sleep as much as he loved sleeping. This wasn’t like him at all. He’s been completely out of character this whole week.

Ludwig looked at the clock. “It’s 4 in the morning…”

“Perfect… Even more, Gilbert still hasn’t come back from the bar~”

“That’s no surprise...” Ludwig pulled up his covers and tried to get more rest.

Feliciano frowned and pulled them back down again. Cold air raced through Ludwig giving him Goosebumps. He looked at Feliciano and frowned as well, rubbing one of his eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I want to talk.”

“Can we do that later…?”

“NO! I WANT TO DO IT NOW!” Feliciano held Ludwig’s hands down and smirked widely, trying them with the spare rope he picked up against the headboard. “Now you can’t help but talk to me.”

****************   ***************    *****************
Love is like a memory, rushing in, rushing inside of me

“Italy… Stop this.”

There it was. The cold stare from his blue eyes. It sent chills down Feliciano’s spine. “I love it when you give me that face… “ he pulled out the knife which he carried from the kitchen and ripped Ludwig’s shirt down, exposing his muscles and pink nipples. It was a sight to be looked at.

“Feliciano, if you don’t stop this, you’ll be leaving here as soon as—“

“Oh such hurtful words amici…” He came to his ear and whispered. “Let me invade you… Just like old times, hmm?” He pressed his lips to Ludwig’s neck and kissed down to his collar bone. Adding up, he licked and nibbled his ear while delicately pinching his nipple.
“I-Italy!” Ludwig tried holding in the pleasure he was given. It wasn’t enough to get him hard, but if he looked at Feliciano just enough, he looked like the girls on the secret DVD’s he’d watch when no one was there. It was a turn on.

“I’m sorry, I forgot that’s not where you like it… It’s here that’s itching for it, right?” Feliciano looked at Ludwig’s crotch and cut open the boxers that covered them. Feliciano spat on his hands and rubbed them before stroking his member generously.
Blood began rushing from his body to his nether regions as he watched his friend smirk and lick around his member earning soft moans and grunts from Ludwig. Feli smiled and increased the pace. “Do you like it here…” he began sucking and licking his testes. “Or here?” Feli made his way to the head of his member and sucked the top. Ludwig felt light headed, as if the world was going faster than it should.

“F-Feli…” he moaned.

“So I guess it’s here… huh?” Feliciano began to strip and expose his naked body to him. “How do say that word…. Hmm… Isn’t it… Küss mich?

He pressed his lips onto Ludwig in a passionate embrace, licking and sucking on his bottom lip before going back to kiss him again. He gave him a hard bite to his lower lip causing him to bleed. It tasted like metal. Ludwig hated this. He wanted to be released from his chains so he could relieve the tension in his body and embrace Feliciano… As if sensing the mood, Feliciano cut the rope around his hand and positioned his ass on top of Ludwig’s erect member.

“I’m going to put your thick meat inside me~”

The freed Ludwig wanted him to stop before he hurt himself. He knew Feliciano was a virgin. “Nein Ita—“

“AH—HAA!! I-It’s in, Germany!! It’s throbbing inside me!!” He began bouncing his hips and riding Ludwig naturally like a pro with a slutty face. “I meant to invade you, yet here I am being invaded~…. Ludwig you beast…”

“That’s only because you placed yourself like this!”

Feli planted a hard kiss on Ludwig. “Let’s take over
the world together Germany… You and me like old times~”

Ludwig smiled and pinned Feliciano down so that he was on top pulled on his curl causing him to moan out in pleasure. “How should I start, leibling?”

“Right here~… Ram my ass, Germany! Affrettatevi (hurry)! I want your thick Nazi sperm in me!”

Ludwig gave a stern expression and roughly penetrated him in his ass in fast motions, never giving out. Whatever he did, it was fast, hard, and unending.

“I-I’m going to cum Germany! I’ll cum!!”  With those words, Feliciano ejaculated all over his stomach as he panted. “A-Ah… ha… S-So… rough…”

“Tired already? But I’m not finished with you yet~.”

Ludwig shoved his member into Feliciano’s mouth and bobbed his head so that he took in the whole thing. Once again, it was fast and rough as Feli was forced to deep throat him until he came. The both of them were wrapped in a sea of lust and passion all in one.
“Y-You’re mouth is so tight… Scheiße…I’m gonna cum.”

With those words the both of them came again and road out their sexual tensions that had reached their climax. The next morning, Feliciano had no memory of what had happened last night or how he even got into Germany’s house. The only thing he remembered was talking to Romano. Ludwig, was thankful and never forgot that night…

2P!Italy X Germany: Memories According by pinkstar144

/ / ©2013-2016 pinkstar144
Mature Content
[1] Mussolini became the fascist leader of Italy with goals to improve Italy’s economic state by imperializing. He created many reforms for the people but took away a lot of the people’s rights. Italy had begun violating the “Kellogg-Briand Pact” which forbid any nation from having war. Italy had begun taking over free nations in Africa and had plans on expanding across the world. The other nations saw Italy as an ‘aggressor nation’ and lost respect for Italy.

[2] Hitler became the fascist dictator of Germany with similar goals of Mussolini. He wanted to return Germany back to its former glory believing that the Allies had made Germany “A victim of international aggression” because of the harsh punishment that was placed on the country in WWI. Though what Hitler thought his actions were benefitting the German people, he actually killed quite literally anyone that wasn’t “made the way God was supposed to make them” and started mass killings. Prussia was one of the few states to oppose his rule.

[3] In WWI Italy had become Germany’s ally. It was a steady relationship until Germany had begun to lose the war. Britain then bribed Italy money to stop becoming Germany’s ally. Italy agreed and begun helping the Allies. At the end of WW1, Germany had to pay for all the damages alone. Japan was in a similar situation except Japan was never Germany’s ally. Britain had convinced Japan to help the Allies in return to have land in China.
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