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Link to the YouTube Video:…

Hiya Everyone! This is the guide for the DRAMAtical Murder Genderbent audition! For this audition you can apply to become the female voice of one (or more!) of the DMMD cast!

Auditions are for:


Bonus Characters:

Clara (Claro)

To audition, all you need to do is:

1. Set up a Skype so I can contact you
2. Post your audition in a YouTube video and send me the link in the comments below
3. I will tell you who will get which part AFTER I have the entire cast prepared.


1. Make sure you're in a quiet room and have a good working mic. Keep static from the mic to a minimum.
2. Repeat the same line several times (about 3 times) in different ways.
3. Audition for more than one character.
5. Be aware of the mic volume. If you are too loud, the mic will cause your voice to muffle.


Artist are also needed to design the comic/art for the skit! Each skit is at most 3 minutes long and wont take much effort. There is no limit to how many artists there can be! The more the better!! The art doesn't have to be pro either.

If you're interested, please contact me in the comments below.


Voice Type: airy, soft, emotionless
Voice Personality: Blunt, doesn't speak much

- (emotionless / blunt) "I can control people with my eyes. Would you like me to conduct my abilities on you?"

-(happy) "Ahh.. It feels good to be outside for once. I promise to behave, Trip... Virus."

- (sincerely happy to see Ren) "Ren, are you taking good care of Aoba for me? Thank you for all you've done."

-(sarcastically) "Well I can see why you like them so much."

Extra points if Sei and Aoba had the same voice actress
Voice type:
Medium range / average voice
Voice Personality: Cheerful, doesn't like trouble (tries to avoid it) which causes her to be a bit of a peacemaker amongst her friends.

- (generally) "So Sei... you have powers too! That's cool...but... what is your power...?"

-(in her head) "Though I don't really want to use people like this... I guess it can't do any harm..."

-(trying to find an excuse) "Ahh...oh! Uh, I wanted to know if you could uhh... fix my computer! it's been running slow and stuffs!

-(doesn't know what to say Sweating a little... ) "...Well isn't she pleasant..."

-(trying to calmly relax Noiz and Koujaku) "H-Hey guys... Let's not get serious now!"

-(surprised / angry) "I-I don't know where your pizza is!! Go ask someone else!!"

HINT: Extra points if Aoba and Sei had the same voice actress

Voice Type:
girly, high pitched (not squeaky though). Has a singing ability.
Voice Personality: optimistic, dramatic, crybaby

- (jolly/happy) "Did you come to enjoy the beach too?"

-(pleasant) "It's nice isn't it~? I love the sea life that lives there. Especially Jellyfish~! Did you know Jellyfish are made mostly of water?"

-(pouts dramatically) "Aww! Grandpa would be very upset if he heard you say that... He would tell me soooo much about Jellyfish! I made a song about them!"

***Sing or hum Clear's Jellyfish Song which is sung in the anime. Singing is preferred but humming is good also~! You can sing it in Japanese or English as followed:

"Yura~Yura~ Yurameku~ nami no ma ni~"
"Swaying~ Swaying~ Oooh sway~ inbetween the waves~"

HINT: If you have a great Clear voice, then singing ability will not matter. It's safe to both sing and hum in your Clear audition.

Voice type: serious, medium-deep toned
Voice personality: tends to take charge, blunt, intimidating, mature

-(looks to Clear) "Hmm? Oh it's you, Gasmask..." (thinking to herself) "...almost scared the shit out of me... ..."

-(frankly speaking) ".... Do you like to sing?"

-(frankly speaking) "....Sing? No. Listen to music, yes."

-(intimidating/demanding) "Stop wasting time. All you idiots think about is outshining the others."

-(trying to be romantic / sweet... but still nervous or too serious) 
"I normally don't do birthdays...I thought that was something for little kids. But... These are for you. I'm glad you were born, Aoba."

-(sighing) "Are Red and Maniac fighting again? Tsk, When will those two know how to shut up?"

HINT: Mink is known not to show her feelings a lot.

Voice Type: medium ranged, seductive / charming
Voice Personality: mature, sensual, aggressive when needed to be

-(saying to Noiz) "Alright beansprout, let's get this straight! If it's anyone who knows Aoba best, it's me!"

-(pleading or whining) "Aoba! Tell her she's wrong! I know you best, right?!"

-(Being Romantic) "What nice hair you have, Aoba~...Mmm... you know it's always been a dream of mine to style your hair. It's so soft and pretty to touch."

-(angry/annoyed) "Shut up! She's just nervous because there's a jerk that won't stop annoying her!"

-(angry, trying to hold in her anger) "Whhhyyy yoooouu!!"

-(concerned) "Call me if anything happens."

-(happy,drunk) "Miiiiizzzzzuuuukkkkii... haha You knooow...If I didn't like Aoba so much, It'd be your clothes I'd be gettin' under~"

HINT: Koujaku always tries to stay cool and collected - she tries especially hard when around Noiz.

Voice Type:
Sophisticated, intelligent, high-medium range
Voice Personality: mischievous, manipulative, mature

-(concerned/motherly) "Sei, don't venture too far outside, okay? We need to bring you back home after we're done."

-(to Trip, emotionally) "It's not fair how Toue keeps Sei all to himself... Tsk, and I was looking forward to having some fun with her tonight too..."

-(annoyed) "We are not twins."

 -(seductively/mischievously) "Mizuki, how about you join Morphine? I'll make you better than any Rhyme game has to offer."

-(annoyed) "Trip! Did you take my pictures of Aoba?! Those were mine!... For...uhh... research!"

HINT: Bonus points if Virus and Trip had the same voice actress.

Voice Type: husky, sophisticated, medium-deep range ((if applying for Trip and Virus, make Trip's voice deeper than Virus's.))
Voice Personality: Easy going, amused easily, confident, manipulative, mischievous

-(casually) "This place is called Platinum Jail. Anyways, let's get going, Sei. We need to get you home before midnight."

-(annoyed) "We're not twins."

-(kind of embarrassed) "Ahh well...I've always admired Virus since I was small. (chuckles) She's a little serious but it's kind of sexy in a way."

-(curious) "Hmm?…Are these…pictures of Aoba?"

-(amused) "Heh, Aoba~You're cute when you're scared."

-(mischievous / confidently) "Koujaku, no need to be so tense. We'll take good care of Aoba. Right Virus?"

HINT: Bonus points is Trip and Virus had the same voice actress

Voice Type: Blunt, sarcastic, medium range
Voice Personality: Intelligent, cold, serious, finds people odd

-(to Koujaku after she comments) "Says the blockhead Ribster...I think it's clear that you're more interested in swinging you sword than paying attention to Aoba."

-(smugly, amused, but still rather cold) "Heh, she's not answering. Looks like the winner's me."

-(to Aoba, glaring) "Are you stupid? If you have the ability to fix Ren, you should be able to fix your own computer."

-(bluntly / cold / emotionless) "She started it... We all know I know you better."

-(bluntly / doesn't really bother her) "It's a deal.... Really, this is stupid, but I don't like you so..."

-(angry, with a lost temper) "I. TOLD. YOU.....Where is the freakin' Pizza?!!!"

HINT: Noiz is another character that doesn't show much emotion and acts like she really doesn't care about people's feelings. If you do Noiz, since Noiz is German, if you can do her lines in a regular and German accent separately, you get extra points!! For a German accent change all you 'w' sounds into 'v' sounds and all your 'th' sounds into 'z' sounds. EX: What - Vhat / That - Zhat

Voice Type: cheerful, medium ranged
voice personality: rational, cheerful, respectful

-(casually) "Oh hey Aoba! I got you this shirt that was on sale! It's one of those BrainNutz things you always wear! Plus I know blue is your favorite color so I just had to buy it for you!"

-(confused) "Eh...? Aoba, what's wrong with them?"

-(happy/relieved) "I'm glad I have you in my life, Aoba. I wouldn't know what I'd do without you. Thanks for being there."

-(uncomfortable) "Uhhh Aoba... Koujaku's being weird again..."

-(drunk with Koujaku) "Screw Rhyme! There's NO WAY those shitheads are gonna break my team apart!...You know what?! Let's go find that Noiz-fucker and show her what's up!!"

HINT: Mizuki is usually respectful and kind but when drunk, she seems to have the drive to rant about how she hates Rhyme. Her and Koujaku are really close as well.

Voice Type: high, medium, or deep voice range. Almost robotic/emotionless.
Voice Personality: shows signs of worry, serious, informative.

-(concerned, but calm) "Aoba. Are you okay? Does your head hurt anywhere?"

-(shows slight happiness) "Yes. I am watching Aoba like you asked, Sei."

-(trying a new seductive dialect) "Oooh Aoba~ I love the way you activate my circuits."

-(sad) "Aoba, do you enjoy the other's more than me?"

-(emotionless but reassuring) "Sei is always watching you, Aoba. Always."

-(talking to Sei) "So I can use your body freely now?"

HINT: Ren is a lot like Sei in which she doesn't show a lot of emotion, but it is obvious that she cares for Sei and Aoba very much. Keep that in mind when you voice act her~!



Voice type:
flirty high-medium range (for a guy that is..)
Voice personality: flirty, snobbish, conceited

-(snobbish but trying to help) "Ren, don't you think you should cut your hair? It's starting to lose that shine. I know a great hairdresser that I can take you to. Consider it my treat."

-(flirty) "Ren, so when's the next time you're going to see me?"

-(angry / annoyed) "Tsk, I really hate how Aoba keeps taking my Renny time away from me…!"

-(calling over to Ren (this can be said in many different ways so try a bunch!) "Heeellllooo~ Reeeen~ Your gorgeous future husband is here~"

-(flustered) "A-Ah… D-Don't say stuff like that all of a sudden… jeez… Besides, Ren is way cuter than me..."

HINT: Claro obviously has a thing for Ren. He's absorbed in looking good and showing off to the other AllMates. 


I'm working with the people who are doing this project, but I'm not in charge of anything but gathering the actors and artists together. The judges of who's getting a part are the directors above me XD . But since I want to act for this thing as well, I'm also auditioning for a part~!

I wish you all good luck~!!!

I am a dummy!  Check out some of the artist's designs for the project I am a dummy!…


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It's been a hell of a year everyone...

And I'm proud to say that I am very grateful and pleased to had made it this far. I've truly have done my best to provide you all with stories that will make up happy, blush, cry, or even the unmentionables. With every story I make, I put my all into it. I'm no Shakespeare or James Patterson, but regardless it is for you all that I continue to do what I do here.

Living in the United States, I've been quite the traveler. I've pretty much lived all over New York City and was exposed to so much of the anime and Japanese world through friends and family. I will write for your entertainment, but I always take the effort to make all my work unique.

I'm currently studying Japanese on my own to take the Japanese LOTE (Language Other Than English) Exam, so you guessed it! I'm still in High School!

I am currently doing Free Yaoi Commissions that will help ease your Yaoi Fix. If you're interested, please click on this link here ->…

As a warning there are a few images and stories in my gallery that may be seen as inappropriate for a younger audience. For those who do not agree with homosexuality, have deep religious views, or don't like forms of literature themed ages 16+ - I suggest you leave and find something else more worth while.

Thank you for everything guys, truly~

(( P.S If you like Japanese singing and/or voice acting - click the link to my youtube below ))

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