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Cause Hetalia is awesome
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Please read and enjoy~ I worked very hard on them and would love it if you viewed them 0w0

:iconyaylithuaniaplz: :iconyaypolandplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayamericaplz:
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So yeah~! I'm on my iPad so excuse my grammar ^^;... 

Im gonna do some genderbend stuffs~!!! 

For international cosplay day I think I'm gonna go as Female L ///laughs 
But for right now I'm gonna take more genderbend L pics and start on a Female Light Yagami and Male Misa Amane. Lol there's still eyeliner remains on my eyelids... *sigh*

I was ordering Pizza and when the delivery man got there I heard a knock on the door. I was still in my creepy L getup and decided why not have a little fun with the poor guy...

I opened the door, slouching and with my thumb in my mouth and stared at him in silence. I didn't speak first and waited for him. There was a silence until he began to open his mouth - but I interrupted.

"Pizza?" I pointed, fixed on the box.

The delivery man surely looked puzzled by my awkward behavior. 

"Yeah." he began as he was about to hand me the boxes.

. I paused him with a raise of my hand and looked into my home as I walked back inside. "Watari, there's a man here... With pizza..." 

It was becoming hard for me not to laugh out loud.... XD

Of course I had no Watari so I pretended that I heard a response and looked back at the man holding the box of pizza. I looked at him and then back at the box. "Half pepperoni and half cheese?"

"Uhh...", he looked at the box. "Yeah."

I analyzed the man from head to toe. "It appears to me you don't have The ice cream I ordered... Shame..." (I really didn't order ice cream but you know... L logic...)

"Oh we don't--" it looked as if he was going to say we don't deliver ice cream but once again I interrupted him.

"It's quite alright. It's not your fault that your employers lack the ability to comprehend that delivering ice cream would raise profit... But I guess this will do..." 

I went into my back pocket and took out my wallet with L on it. The guy's eyes widened and it looked as if he remembered something.

"How much", I asked.

"Uh, ten dollars..."

I reached out to give him the money but pulled it away from him. "We're you honestly going to take without a tip?"

"Uh well-" (( omg I wanted to laugh so much...))

"Hmm perhaps you're trying to be nice so that I don't suspect you of being Kira..." 

OMG u shouldve seen his face XDDD

"Suspect me of wha--"

"Sorry sir I have limited time here. I have a killer to catch." With that I gave him the money and a extra tip of like $8 for putting up with me lol. 

As he walked away he turned around and looked at me in confusion. "You... You're..."

"Ryuzaki", I nodded as I brought the Pizza inside.

I literally closed the door and laughed so hard !!!! I will NEVER do that again!!! 


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サバンナ ・ Savannah
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Deviantart's First DMMD X Reader Writer

It's been a hell of a year everyone...

And I'm proud to say that I am very grateful and pleased to had made it this far. I've truly have done my best to provide you all with stories that will make up happy, blush, cry, or even the unmentionables. With every story I make, I put my all into it. I'm no Shakespeare or James Patterson, but regardless it is for you all that I continue to do what I do here.

Living in the United States, I've been quite the traveler. I've pretty much lived all over New York City and was exposed to so much of the anime and Japanese world through friends and family. I will write for your entertainment, but I always take the effort to make all my work unique.

I'm currently studying Japanese on my own to take the Japanese LOTE (Language Other Than English) Exam, so you guessed it! I'm still in High School!

I am currently doing Free Yaoi Commissions that will help ease your Yaoi Fix. If you're interested, please click on this link here ->…

As a warning there are a few images and stories in my gallery that may be seen as inappropriate for a younger audience. For those who do not agree with homosexuality, have deep religious views, or don't like forms of literature themed ages 16+ - I suggest you leave and find something else more worth while.

Thank you for everything guys, truly~

(( P.S If you like Japanese singing and/or voice acting - click the link to my youtube below ))

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